Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a Coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Has it ever happened that you are thinking about something and exactly that thing happened? Has it ever happened that you are thinking about someone and just about the same time that person calls, messages or pings? That too, out of the blue, when you least expected?

Do you get stunned? Do you get baffled? Do you start thinking is this some kind of intuition? Or do you just say “What a Coincidence” and leave it aside?

Someone’s status message said, “Coincidence is The way of God to remain Anonymous!” Is it?

Well, God knows!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Laxmi road near Vishrambaug vada, Tulasibaag is one of the busiest and most crowded parts of the city.

One lady was crossing road. A school boy came on bicycle from a no entry, when signals were on. It was potentially dangerous for him. He crashed into the lady. The lady balanced herself, but the boy lost control and was on the road.

He got up, that lady went near him. Guess what she did?

One tight Slap!! And then she simply walked away….

Right! And to think of it that was the perfect things to do. Next time the boy decides to go from one way or decides to flaunt signals he would definitely remember that slap.

How many of us have guts to call a spread a spread and would take an action like this at that very instance?

Lost Opportunity

I came to office. My office has 0 to -3 floors for parking. I was on floor 0. The building has 3 lifts.

I reached near lifts and one of the lift was reaching 0th floor from floor below. Oh good, so good day today. Ate hi lift, kya baat hai J

The lift was near and I was near the door to get in. The lift door opened and uff, it was all jam packed. Hm…. So I had to let it go.

Hm.. waiting for the other lift now. It came from floor above; it did not go to cater below floors. It stopped on 0th. All empty. I got in. Pressed the 4th floor button. I got down on 4th and just looked back at the earlier lift I wanted to get in. It was still on 3rd and just started moving to 4th floor.

Simply because the other lift had lot of people going to all other floors, the lift stopped on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and got delayed. While my lift had only me and got up to 4th faster.

Small a very very small incident…

But really isn’t this depicting from the real life?

At times when something comes across, you really feel like this is it. This is the opportunity you were waiting for… And you are already getting glad that you found that opportunity….But may be due to circumstances beyond your influences you loose out on that opportunity.

But sometimes that lost opportunity makes way for bigger and better opportunity…

This you do not know at that time. You are bound to feel sad, bound to feel disheartened. The realization that the lost opportunity was actually not a loss at all but in fact a gain, will occur only and only after the bigger opportunity presents itself.

Point is, have Faith!

Of course the bigger and better opportunity may not happen always…

Well, but still….

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Right and Wrong

Ever thought what is Right and what is Wrong?

Many times actually… Almost for each and everything we label things as this is right thing to do and that is a wrong thing to do.

Question is why? Why do we need to get into a right and wrong discussion? Why we can not just leave things as they are without being judgmental?

Probably, what is really needed to do is just playing along…

Dad wants me to wear some ring with some stone because he thinks it will be good for my health. OK. I really don’t believe it. So? Do I need to criticize and be getting into right wrong, blind faith, right faith discussion? I don’t think so. I just wore it. It makes him happy, so why not?

As long as someone’s action is not harming anybody physically, mentally or emotionally, why do you even need to think if it is right thing to do or wrong thing to do?

Simply put we all carry a goggle. A goggle through which we look at the world. Our perception of the world depends on that goggle. Someone else’s perception depends on the goggle he is wearing… The color depends on lot many things. The upbringing, value system, thought process, the past experiences. N No ones goggle is perfect. No ones!

Simply put it is probably very very difficult to take off that goggle. But we certainly can be less critical towards someone who has got a very very Different goggle than ours?

Right? What’s say? (And being habituated to right and wrong I can not avoid that question ;))