Sunday, July 26, 2009

Incomplete Painting

I have a bad tendency to start something new. Nah starting something new is not bad. But I loose interest if the things do not quickly start turning out to be the way I had envisioned them.

I had started one oil paining. My first oil painting! And I wanted to paint the Switzerland garden with the lines of different color flowers. I just happened to see the snaps and oh so beautiful song from Kabhi Kabhi. But, common that’s a pretty tall order. It was just not turning out to be the way I wanted it. So I stopped. The paining still half complete is hung on the wall.

Each time I go in my room, I see it. Few times I still find myself staring at it. Still thinking how best I can complete it. Agreed that I may not be able to finish it the way I had envisioned it, for like Ever! But, I can still complete it in some other way. Isn’t the completed painting better than the current half completed one?

Hm…… Soch ne wali baat hai

There are more incomplete things in life. A half completed friendship, unsaid things, incomplete relationships and incomplete tasks. Each time you think of that uncompleted thing you feel guilty. You start thinking how best you could have completed it.

The painting is still with me. Never to late to complete it. It may not be the case about few other things. Beware next time before stopping short of completing the things.

Code Red

Just remembered one scene from “A few Good Men”, for apparently no reason.

Just to summarize the movie, it’s a case where one army man gets killed in his own bunker by two other soldiers. Tom Cruise is fighting the case for those two soldiers. In the end it is discovered that the soldiers were given order to kill Santiago with Code Red.

Jack Nicholson, the officer ordering Code Red is going to get punished but the other two gets punished, too. One of the guys just doesn’t get it. Something like “We just followed the orders. We were given code red. Why are we getting punished”. The Second guy tells him, “But we are at fault too. We are here to serve the country. We should have raised our voices against it because it was wrong thing to do. So it’s our fault, too”

Whatever we are doing the responsibility is with us. I did this because “the team lead told me too.” Really? And were you convinced? No. So why did you do it? When we start doing things only after getting convinced and after understanding reasons behind doing so then we will never answer it was told to me by someone.

Remember “Code Red” Always!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Feeling Inadequate

Some people make me feel so inadequate. So very small, almost tiny...

There is this lady. Her daughter recently got married and she put up a wonderful ceremony. She has such a cordial relationship with all her relatives. I am yet to see her without that big bright smile and enthusiastic eyes. Her presence in the room is enough to make the room look brightly lit.

And guess what? She can not speak, she can not hear. And yet she is the one of the most talkative person I have ever seen! She always has so much to say. She may not have scaled the world. She does not own the biggest business in town. But she is rich in terms of her relationships. She is content in her life. And that warmth is felt by everyone around. Can you think of anything which is more worth while than this?

When you meet someone who has accomplished many things which you long for, what do you feel? We tend to envy the fortune they have. The jealousy is there because you feel that you are everything that that person is. But you don’t have all those things just because the other person is little luckier than you!

But, when you meet someone, who is not as fortunate as you and still so content in his own life, you end feeling Nothing, but inadequate…. Tiny … Small!!!


I went to Hanumaan temple on Saturday. There were so many garlands made up of the leaves of tree Rui. It was even difficult to see the face of the god. People were putting oil on the statue.

This whole phenomenon of Faith in Indian mind never fails to baffle me!

All those garland made up of leaves are going to be in garbage the next day. The oil is sheer waste!!

I have seen people poring out a whole ½ liter milk bag over Shiv Pind. Guys, I understand you want to bath your god in milk. Put a couple of spoons in water and use that! But, whole ½ liter milk? It’s just going down the drain! Do people really think that it will get them extra Punya or something?

I really long for the time of the year when the painters start painting the Dagduseth Ganapati. The murti without all the heavy jewelry (which is customary everyday now days) looks magnificent. I remember the time when Jaya Bacchan had given a pair of golden ears after Amitabh Bacchan, recovered from his tragic accident. Then those ears were used in the 10 days of Ganapati festival. And it was fascination then to see the Ganapati Bappa, in special jewelry, in those golden ears. We have come a long way from those days.

I am a believer too. But, my whole idea of punya does not revolve around gold chains, ½ liter milk bags or the garlands. How funny is it to bribe the god with materialistic items? If I must, I rather give the gifts to the same temples in form of money. They do excellent work with it, be it giving scholarships to needy students, giving free food to poor fellows. Don’t know about punya, but this would surely get you some hearty blessings!


It’s a season change time. In other words, the time of flu…

The pain, uneasiness is at its top when you are getting fever. Once the temperature is above the line, the body kind of settles down in that environment comfortably. You feel little drowsy and nothing else. When the temperature gets back to normal, again it leaves you sweaty and tired.

What’s the Bottom line…?

The transition period is most difficult. More difficult than the time at the actual destination or actual source of the transition.

Be it anything. Be it a new job, be it a new city, be it a new relationship or be it a new venture. It’s not difficult to learn to swim. It’s only difficult to get ride of the fear of water and actually get into water!! J