Saturday, May 02, 2015

Nothing is too bad

Heard a lot of times from different people, a certain movie is just rubbish. Absolutly unwatchable. 
A book, a tv show, an event, you name it. 

N I am thinking, really? 

Somehow, I had not found things to hate or dislike from bottom of my heart. 
Probrably cause I think of all the heartwork done by number of people, to get it together. Sure the effort was way of the mark. Still it was an honest effort. No one wants their creation to be bad. No one wants people to hate their creation. 

Ok. May be its sort of like empathy. Or may be I just steer clear off things which  I feel I wont like. N hence doesn't have list of lot of things I hated. 

But funnily, I feel, whatever it is that makes me not to feel too lowly about something that is bad, also keeps me from fully appreciating something great. 

It takes a lot to impress me. Am seldomly moved. I find a lot of thing just about ok, Better than ok, Good. 
But wow!! that was AMAZING!! Comes out so so seldomly. 

I am not quite sure yet, if its  good or bad?

The capability to recognize the spectrum spread, the exact reason why you liked, what you liked is extremely important, for you to articulate your own self, your own likings. 

As confussed as before...

Worth the Wait

Have you waited for something or someone to happen for a long long time?

Is it instance happiness and happiness only when its finally at your door steps?

What you waited for all this while, what you dreamed of as how it will be,and the  comparison  about how it actually is. 
If its not quite the way you thought it will be, or if its completly opposite, you are actually sad about the happening. You feel like I was better off just waiting for it. Rather That was my virtue than this or I was rather happy not getting it at all.

If its ok, not quite what you had imagined, yet not very bad, you are still a little sad. Cause in your mind you had imagined THE joy its going to be. So you kind of still a little sad.

Then, say it has turned up exactly the way you had thought, you are happy :)
And if its better than your imagination you are completly thrilled, elated, totally on the moon. Bouncing off floor n ceiling . Probrably hugging everyone in sight. 

Experienced this?
Exam results...
Going on date with that one special person...
Finding your soulmate/ partner...
Finding a house...
Buying something u always wanted...
Going to that one posh restaurant which was always too much outside the budget...
That trip you had planned in your head about 1000 times...
That one presentation/ meeting you thought is sooooo important...

Some things are going to happen inevitably, some have fixed dates, some are totally inpredictable. 
Either ways the wait is agonising, isn't it?

In the end, its very draining. 
Feels almost like mind playing games with itself.
In the end, 'Getting' does not matter at all. Matters only that was it 'Worth the Wait'?

Can you do something about it, if it was not worth the wait after all. Nope!
Just need to smile at life and move on. 

To Start With...

I started reading back! And strangely I am realizing now as to how much I missed it!
Few books finished , not with the same speed, not with the same voracity or avidness. Yet I am just feeling so wonderful!  

Well, but that's not the whole point. I looked at the pattern. 

I picked up 'The Broker' by John Grisham. Being repeat reader of 'The Firm' and 'The Client', this one turned out to be a pretty lukewarm experience. On each page, I waited for the twist, the wowness experienced in earlier books. But none came. Kind of anti-climax.  

Then, got '80 Days of Yellow'. Kind of dragged through it. Almost gave up midway. But wanted to see what's the end. And when I reached the end realised that it has a sequel. Grrrr. Couldn't dare myself to pick up the sequel. This author duo has another famous novel n recently released movie called '50 shades of Grey'. This I realised much later. Guess reading reviews helps sometimes. Anyway..

Then read reviews, searched, chose and picked 'The Book Thief'. I read it extremely slowly. Not wanting it to finish, devouring every bit. All the time spent on it was more than worth it. Beautiful style of narration. I will remember it for a long long time. And yet I got a strange feeling with it that I do not have any more patience left for repeat reads. I will not pick it again. 

A couple of weeks before, in a yet another 'surprise me!' mode picked  up a book called 'The Wild Girl'.  It went untouched for a week. Just didn't feel like picking it up. N then one day in bored mode, started with it. So far seems to be extremely interesting. 

When I used to read before, it was a similar pattern. However, I did manage to leave a couple of them unfinished out of boredom. (Recalling one of them to be 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' zzzzz....)

Now, the notorious habit of putting philosophy in every teeny-tiny thing in life is gonna die hard.
So here it comes.. ;)

Tried to read the pattern-
Some were loved! Didn't want them to finish. For some you may want repeat experience and get it too. For Some you may just want to savour on that first taste. 
Some had high expectations but failed flat, some were not extremely interesting and yet not extremely dull, not too happy for them not too sad. 
Then there are few which left unfinished. Some were not of my taste yet I walked through it, cause I wanted to see where it went. 
There were some which I thought were wrong choice and turning out to be quite interesting. Unexpected delights!

Point is to start. Whatever is on the mind start and see where it takes you. Everything teaches something. 
If you decide to turn your back on the whole thing you are just going to realise much later that you have been missing out on so much!

Am not really talking about books any more. But you know that already right?