Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out of Context

How important is the context?

A small incident that I had read somewhere…
One guy, asks the receptionist of the Hotel, as to how far is the Airport.

Courteously, the receptionist asks, “We have a bus going to Airport, in the evening, Sir…. It will start at xyz time …. Since, there are no flights before that, Sir”. In between, the guy tried to ask her, as to how Long Will It Take him To Reach the Airport?

The guy standing by answers “it’s about 80 kms, if u got a car, would not take u longer than a couple of hours.” The guy said “Thank You.”. He rushed out, and reached the Airport, for whatever work he had.

All that he needed is, how much time he will take to reach and wanted to confirm if he can reach on time for whatever work he had. As simple as that.
But the over courteous Receptionist, who is been grilled into being at most help to the customer, completely irritated this guy. Since, she was answering out of context. She was not answering His Questions, she was twisting His Question and according to the Answer she had to Offer!

How many times do u find ur self doing something similar? You have few things on the mind to be told to someone. And, you make sure it reaches to that person when the conversation stars, Out of Context! J
Check, Check… Check… U may be irritating the other person, even if the guy just may be being just nice not to show it.

What exactly made me think of this?
Assume that, you have a major deadline coming in next 2 days. Client calls in to make sure everything is in order and while taking status he starts telling you how u should built in a safety feature. Asking how a certain thing is coded. Dude, even if u got a brilliant idea, can it be implemented NOW!? Two days before the deadline? We will talk about it when it makes more sense! Wont u feel that? I felt something similar J
Well… just been so Out Of Context! 

Peeking in the Future

Sometimes when the Book becomes too unbearably suspenseful, I simply turn few next pages and randomly read few statements. Just gives a feel of what’s going to happen next. J

Wish same facility would be available with the LIFE

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Just a small incident…

I am telling my friend “wo mail bhej naa…”

I get reprimanded “bhej naa nahi bhejo naa bolo. Thodi respect do yaar” :D

And I agree. While talking in Hindi, calling someone Aap, definitely sounds much more elegant than a tu or even tum. Else it sounds just complete Bambaiya language.

But, strangely this is so language specific. Calling someone tumhi, is a tad difficult in Marathi. Simply because it does become too formal instead of being elegant like it becomes in Hindi. I remember a time when in one of my projects there was such a mixture of all Hindi and Marathi talking people that there always used to be a lot of switching between languages. And I would call the same person Aap in Hindi and tu in Marathi. And each time when I would realize I am doing this, I would become even more conscious about this. But then it has to be like this. My Hindi used to be so strongly sprinkled with Marathi words. I would just not find a right word in Hindi, in flow of my speech and my colleagues used to laugh like anything each time. Still remember those happy times with all of them. Well, my Hindi is not improved much still and I still make the mixture of words and the use of verbs, and get reprimanded.

Coming back to the point though…

I have this distant Uncle, quite elderly to me. But the way he had been swindling and behaving with his family that it is just so impossible to have any kind of respect for him in mind. I still greet him properly but that’s just a formality really.

On the other hand, I have this guy in office. Quite elderly to me, but it’s somehow impossible to call him Tumhi in Marathi or Aap in Hindi. If at all we get talking in Hindi which is rare anyway it goes completely Bambaiya. “Tere ko ye pata hai kya?” But, I respect this guy immensely. To get at a position and to get the knowledge he has, it takes lots and lots of hard work.

Mom. How many people call mom with the “Adarathi Bahuvacahn”. One of my cousins does. He will say, “Mummy tame darshan kari avya ke?” Nothing wrong with it, technically that is. In fact good that he is showing respect to his Mom like he would give it to his father. But somehow used to the “a mummy” and “aho pappa” it sounds very strange to the ears. Of course, we respect mother but some how this salutation just makes her feel closer, to hide behind her when stern papa is scolding you.

Interesting, realizing that Marathi and Gujarathi doesn’t have one in between Hindi form…

Tu mail bhej. Tu mail pathav. Tu mail mokal.

Tum mail bhejo.

Aap mail bhejo. Tumhi mail pathava. Tame mail mokalo.

Apan mail pathava would be again similar to Aap of Hindi.

Well, after a long analysis of a small thing, point really is… The right form of verb and salutation would Show the respect you Have or rather supposed to Have. However, the respect you Have or Give to a certain person is not dependent on that.

Anandi Kavala

Happy Crow! J

This is a story I had read in my childhood… It’s not exactly as it was, but in bits and pieces as I remember it…

One Crow is sitting on roof, and singing happily. The King gets irritated with it and orders his subordinates to catch the Crow and throw him in a lake.

After a while he starts hearing the Crow's happy voice again. King sees the Crow is happily having a bath in the lake. King gets angrier and orders to put him in mud.

After a while he hears Crow’s happy voice again. King sees the Crow has made a nice slop in the mud and sliding down it. Singing happily while doing that. King orders him to put him on heap of thorns.

After a while he again starts hearing Crow’s happy voice. Oh, and now the Crow has started making necklace out of that thorns and still singing happily.

Just put him in boiling oil now! And crow starts making Kanda Bhajji there!

The king is beaten. He could not take the happiness out of the crow. Where ever he puts him, whatever he does with him, no matter what the surrounding is, the crow is going to be as happy as he is. Probably even happier, if that’s even possible.

The King lets him go. The crow flies and seats back at his place on the roof, singing happily as ever!

I wish, I could become that Happy Crow someday…Oh, how I wish…

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a Coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Has it ever happened that you are thinking about something and exactly that thing happened? Has it ever happened that you are thinking about someone and just about the same time that person calls, messages or pings? That too, out of the blue, when you least expected?

Do you get stunned? Do you get baffled? Do you start thinking is this some kind of intuition? Or do you just say “What a Coincidence” and leave it aside?

Someone’s status message said, “Coincidence is The way of God to remain Anonymous!” Is it?

Well, God knows!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Laxmi road near Vishrambaug vada, Tulasibaag is one of the busiest and most crowded parts of the city.

One lady was crossing road. A school boy came on bicycle from a no entry, when signals were on. It was potentially dangerous for him. He crashed into the lady. The lady balanced herself, but the boy lost control and was on the road.

He got up, that lady went near him. Guess what she did?

One tight Slap!! And then she simply walked away….

Right! And to think of it that was the perfect things to do. Next time the boy decides to go from one way or decides to flaunt signals he would definitely remember that slap.

How many of us have guts to call a spread a spread and would take an action like this at that very instance?

Lost Opportunity

I came to office. My office has 0 to -3 floors for parking. I was on floor 0. The building has 3 lifts.

I reached near lifts and one of the lift was reaching 0th floor from floor below. Oh good, so good day today. Ate hi lift, kya baat hai J

The lift was near and I was near the door to get in. The lift door opened and uff, it was all jam packed. Hm…. So I had to let it go.

Hm.. waiting for the other lift now. It came from floor above; it did not go to cater below floors. It stopped on 0th. All empty. I got in. Pressed the 4th floor button. I got down on 4th and just looked back at the earlier lift I wanted to get in. It was still on 3rd and just started moving to 4th floor.

Simply because the other lift had lot of people going to all other floors, the lift stopped on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and got delayed. While my lift had only me and got up to 4th faster.

Small a very very small incident…

But really isn’t this depicting from the real life?

At times when something comes across, you really feel like this is it. This is the opportunity you were waiting for… And you are already getting glad that you found that opportunity….But may be due to circumstances beyond your influences you loose out on that opportunity.

But sometimes that lost opportunity makes way for bigger and better opportunity…

This you do not know at that time. You are bound to feel sad, bound to feel disheartened. The realization that the lost opportunity was actually not a loss at all but in fact a gain, will occur only and only after the bigger opportunity presents itself.

Point is, have Faith!

Of course the bigger and better opportunity may not happen always…

Well, but still….

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Right and Wrong

Ever thought what is Right and what is Wrong?

Many times actually… Almost for each and everything we label things as this is right thing to do and that is a wrong thing to do.

Question is why? Why do we need to get into a right and wrong discussion? Why we can not just leave things as they are without being judgmental?

Probably, what is really needed to do is just playing along…

Dad wants me to wear some ring with some stone because he thinks it will be good for my health. OK. I really don’t believe it. So? Do I need to criticize and be getting into right wrong, blind faith, right faith discussion? I don’t think so. I just wore it. It makes him happy, so why not?

As long as someone’s action is not harming anybody physically, mentally or emotionally, why do you even need to think if it is right thing to do or wrong thing to do?

Simply put we all carry a goggle. A goggle through which we look at the world. Our perception of the world depends on that goggle. Someone else’s perception depends on the goggle he is wearing… The color depends on lot many things. The upbringing, value system, thought process, the past experiences. N No ones goggle is perfect. No ones!

Simply put it is probably very very difficult to take off that goggle. But we certainly can be less critical towards someone who has got a very very Different goggle than ours?

Right? What’s say? (And being habituated to right and wrong I can not avoid that question ;))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Incomplete Painting

I have a bad tendency to start something new. Nah starting something new is not bad. But I loose interest if the things do not quickly start turning out to be the way I had envisioned them.

I had started one oil paining. My first oil painting! And I wanted to paint the Switzerland garden with the lines of different color flowers. I just happened to see the snaps and oh so beautiful song from Kabhi Kabhi. But, common that’s a pretty tall order. It was just not turning out to be the way I wanted it. So I stopped. The paining still half complete is hung on the wall.

Each time I go in my room, I see it. Few times I still find myself staring at it. Still thinking how best I can complete it. Agreed that I may not be able to finish it the way I had envisioned it, for like Ever! But, I can still complete it in some other way. Isn’t the completed painting better than the current half completed one?

Hm…… Soch ne wali baat hai

There are more incomplete things in life. A half completed friendship, unsaid things, incomplete relationships and incomplete tasks. Each time you think of that uncompleted thing you feel guilty. You start thinking how best you could have completed it.

The painting is still with me. Never to late to complete it. It may not be the case about few other things. Beware next time before stopping short of completing the things.

Code Red

Just remembered one scene from “A few Good Men”, for apparently no reason.

Just to summarize the movie, it’s a case where one army man gets killed in his own bunker by two other soldiers. Tom Cruise is fighting the case for those two soldiers. In the end it is discovered that the soldiers were given order to kill Santiago with Code Red.

Jack Nicholson, the officer ordering Code Red is going to get punished but the other two gets punished, too. One of the guys just doesn’t get it. Something like “We just followed the orders. We were given code red. Why are we getting punished”. The Second guy tells him, “But we are at fault too. We are here to serve the country. We should have raised our voices against it because it was wrong thing to do. So it’s our fault, too”

Whatever we are doing the responsibility is with us. I did this because “the team lead told me too.” Really? And were you convinced? No. So why did you do it? When we start doing things only after getting convinced and after understanding reasons behind doing so then we will never answer it was told to me by someone.

Remember “Code Red” Always!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Feeling Inadequate

Some people make me feel so inadequate. So very small, almost tiny...

There is this lady. Her daughter recently got married and she put up a wonderful ceremony. She has such a cordial relationship with all her relatives. I am yet to see her without that big bright smile and enthusiastic eyes. Her presence in the room is enough to make the room look brightly lit.

And guess what? She can not speak, she can not hear. And yet she is the one of the most talkative person I have ever seen! She always has so much to say. She may not have scaled the world. She does not own the biggest business in town. But she is rich in terms of her relationships. She is content in her life. And that warmth is felt by everyone around. Can you think of anything which is more worth while than this?

When you meet someone who has accomplished many things which you long for, what do you feel? We tend to envy the fortune they have. The jealousy is there because you feel that you are everything that that person is. But you don’t have all those things just because the other person is little luckier than you!

But, when you meet someone, who is not as fortunate as you and still so content in his own life, you end feeling Nothing, but inadequate…. Tiny … Small!!!


I went to Hanumaan temple on Saturday. There were so many garlands made up of the leaves of tree Rui. It was even difficult to see the face of the god. People were putting oil on the statue.

This whole phenomenon of Faith in Indian mind never fails to baffle me!

All those garland made up of leaves are going to be in garbage the next day. The oil is sheer waste!!

I have seen people poring out a whole ½ liter milk bag over Shiv Pind. Guys, I understand you want to bath your god in milk. Put a couple of spoons in water and use that! But, whole ½ liter milk? It’s just going down the drain! Do people really think that it will get them extra Punya or something?

I really long for the time of the year when the painters start painting the Dagduseth Ganapati. The murti without all the heavy jewelry (which is customary everyday now days) looks magnificent. I remember the time when Jaya Bacchan had given a pair of golden ears after Amitabh Bacchan, recovered from his tragic accident. Then those ears were used in the 10 days of Ganapati festival. And it was fascination then to see the Ganapati Bappa, in special jewelry, in those golden ears. We have come a long way from those days.

I am a believer too. But, my whole idea of punya does not revolve around gold chains, ½ liter milk bags or the garlands. How funny is it to bribe the god with materialistic items? If I must, I rather give the gifts to the same temples in form of money. They do excellent work with it, be it giving scholarships to needy students, giving free food to poor fellows. Don’t know about punya, but this would surely get you some hearty blessings!


It’s a season change time. In other words, the time of flu…

The pain, uneasiness is at its top when you are getting fever. Once the temperature is above the line, the body kind of settles down in that environment comfortably. You feel little drowsy and nothing else. When the temperature gets back to normal, again it leaves you sweaty and tired.

What’s the Bottom line…?

The transition period is most difficult. More difficult than the time at the actual destination or actual source of the transition.

Be it anything. Be it a new job, be it a new city, be it a new relationship or be it a new venture. It’s not difficult to learn to swim. It’s only difficult to get ride of the fear of water and actually get into water!! J

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Interesting quote in Pune Mirror Today:

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down!!

Human mind is such a complicated and contradictory thing!

You say or do certain thing not because we really want to but because you want to see how people react to what you are saying or doing…

Funny isn’t it?

Some people could not tell the difference. They will take everything on the face value.

Some people will know the bluff and ridicule you.

While some people will call it bluff and let you know about it. Those are the people you get closer to… : ) Know why? Because those are the people who tried to know you beyond the walls you have put around. Those are the people who are hammering on the walls. They are going to break it down no matter how strong the wall is. No matter how long it’s going to take. And because you don’t have to maintain the fa├žade while with them any more, it is not needed any more. You can Just Be. This is going to make you more vulnerable emotionally. But then can you care lesser? 

Reflected light

There are two ways of shining with light.

With your own light or reflecting someone else’s light. No, n this does not make you any less important. Sun and the moon both are important in a different ways; they can not be and should not be compared.

There is a story. There were interviews being taken for very prestigious position. Interviews zeroed on two candidates in the end. Interviewers decided to choose one from these two bright guys by giving them a question to answer. 

When they received the answer to there surprise both of them answered it in a same way! Oh!! How is that?

Interviewers asked both the candidates about this.

One of the candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Wrote”. Interviewers checked. He was correct.

Second candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Read”.

Hm… One person is creator of light other is reflector.

But this does not diminish his value. Simply, because he has the panache to choose. To choose what to read and what to remember and recreate it when required.

Interviewers hired both the candidates in the end after lot of deliberation. Right choice I would say.

The Sun and the Moon.

I like the Sun when it’s Day and the Moon when it’s Night! :D

Height of Compression…

Appraisals are around the corner. And your whole year long work is going to get compressed into one measly alphabet or number!

Hmmm… I know, probably this is the most practical way of doing things around. But all the logical reasoning still doesn’t make me hate the phenomenon any lesser… : ( 

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just the other day there was a song playing on Radio in gym, “Koi ladaki hai jab wo hasati hai…”

One guy says to other: “A re this song is from which movie?”

The other guy says: “A re that movie, that has SRK and Madhuri”

The first guy: “Oh haan Lagaan!”

The second guy: “No no, there is Rani Mukharji also in this movie”

The first guy: “oh ok, Swadeh!”

Me in my mind: “Yeah right!!” : ))

The second guy: “No no. That movie is…. “ Scratches his head…

The third guy: “A re there is Karishma Kapoor in this movie. And the movie is Dil To Pagal Hai”

First and second guy: “Correct!!”

Damn I hate that guy. I was having such a good time. He spoiled my fun!! :D


Well, ok this ignorance was just about a movie. Or this was not even ignorance it was just no recall.


But, just to think of it, does it really matter what do we know? When that knowledge does not make an onus of difference in our own lives?


There is this story of Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Watson is telling him something about earth revolving around sun.

The great detective’s reaction is “well really? I didn’t know that”.

Doctor says, “How can you be ignorant about such a big and important fact”?

Holmes’s reaction is interesting.

He says “Look brain is like a room. It doesn’t have unlimited space. Would you like to cram your room with unwanted furniture? Or would you keep few but the important items in your room, which are useful for your own purpose. Earth revolves around sun or sun revolves around earth, doesn’t make any difference to my profession or my very existence. So I don’t feel it necessary to keep that fact in my brain room”


I don’t categorically decide as to what stays in my brain room. But still, I am very ignorant about facts n figures. To the extent that sometimes I feel almost guilty about it.


But you know, to think of it, does it really matter?

Well, probably it Does Not!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inertia, Patience and Positive Attitude

Definition of Inertia is tendency of body to remain in state of rest or in state of uniform motion along the straight line. : )

But usually inertia in language is considered as state of rest, inactivity.

By considering just that, it is in itself is considered bad.

While patience and positive attitude are by default considered good.

But, just to think of it, are not they bad when they actually create inertia?

You are quite certain about a certain thing is not gonna happen. But you end up telling your self, have patience may be it is just gonna happen in a while. Is Patience with positive attitude creating inertia?

Or is that what I am talking about is actually false hope?

Need to contemplate more on this…. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday was Dad’s Birthday. I took my parents to a well reputed joint in Pune to eat Sizzlers.

We ordered a couple of Sizzlers and mocktails. The drinks arrived shortly. Oh, but one of them had ice. We told the waiter, “Boss, we don’t want it with ice.”

He said this mocktail comes with ice only.

Ok we understand but we don’t want ice. Waiter said we can not change it now, you should have told it while giving the order. And we cannot cancel the order also.

Ok. We told him; take it away as we are not going to drink it anyway. He took it away.


When bill arrived, it was of course, as expected with the drink’s (which we didn’t even touch) amount added in the bill. We paid the whole amount, but found it necessary to make the point.

We told the manager that the ice could be served separately, and if not, if a certain mocktail is served with ice, Waiters can tell the customers before hand that is will be arriving with ice. Especially those customers who are middle aged.

But the manager said, this drink is always served with ice. You should be the one telling waiter before hand if you don’t want ice.

My Dad said, but it’s not the right way.

Manager said, ok, next time you come to our hotel, we will take care.

On that Dad said, I won’t be coming here again.

Manager said, Ok that’s up to you.


Whose mistake was it and how it could have been different, I don’t want to get in that.


This just reminded me of one incident that had occurred more that 3 years back.

I, my brother and sister-in law had gone to Pizza-Hut for dinner. The menu there explicitly mentions all the ingredients for each Pizza. We gave the order and were chattering away. After some time, pizza arrived.

“Oh, which one is this?” My Brother.

Waiter gave some name.

“Are these Mushrooms” Brother.

“Yes” Waiter.

Brother “Oh!!” and frowns.

Waiter “Is there some problem sir?”

Brother “Well, we didn’t realize this would come with mushrooms”

Waiter “Oh, you don’t like Mushrooms”

Brother "Well no. We should have checked it while giving the order”

Waiter “Would you like same Pizza with out Mushrooms sir?”

Brother “well yes, Can you do that?”

Waiter “No problem sir. But give me some time.”

He went away with the pizza. He returned back with a new Pizza now with out Mushrooms.


Wow!! That’s what is called “Hospitability”.

Was it our mistake? Of course it was. And we didn’t even complain. The waiter asked us himself if there is a problem and took care of it so nicely.


No wonder Pizza-Hut is one of the most popular food chain across the world. Keep up the good work guys!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Parallel Universes: Illusion of Choice

Kahin to kahin to hogi wo duniya…

Jahan tu mere sath hai…

What an amazing thought.

That just brings me to a book I had read long back.

Similar concept, put forth more scientifically. The idea of Parallel or multiple Universes.

The idea is each time you come across a situation, where you are choosing between two or more choices, the universe splits into those many versions. In each version, you have selected a different choice. This is you Universe. It is created for you and you only.

For example: A guy is speeding on his bike. He sees a yellow signal. If he will not catch that, he will have to wait 5 more minutes to turn it green. And he is already late. So, very late. Just a fraction of seconds to take a decision. Speed up or speed down?


Universe splits into two versions. One in which he decides to speed up. The other where he slows down. In the version where he speeds up, he meets with accident. And the reason why that Universe was created dies down. The Universe disappears too.

Point is your Universe is going to take shape, based on each and every decision you, take. Each and every choice you make. But the choice you are making in this Universe, is the one that is pre-decided. Because, for the other choices there are different Universes.

It is said that Choice is an illusion. Is this the reason?

Well, doesn’t matter really. Because, I am still making a choice even when it’s just illusion. But it’s great to know that I never have to feel sad for not making a certain choice in my life. Because, I have actually made that choice, just that it is in a different Universe! :D

Don’t Stop Talking, Ever!!

Was watching a Marathi serial.

A lady just loses a very big tender. She is upset. While walking back to her cabin, her phone rings. She picks it up, snaps back say, “I will call you later”. Once she is back in office, gets busy with her work.

Cut to scene 2.

The lady reaches her home. Her 8 year old daughter is reading a book, she is angry. Lady’s husband says, “It’s like this since evening. She is angry and won’t tell me what’s wrong”.

Lady sits besides her daughter.

Lady: “Kai zaal?”

Daughter: No answer.

Lady: “Common, tell me, why you had called in the afternoon?”

Daughter: “Tula kai tyach. Do you really care? You just snapped back at me.”

Lady: “Ok. Sorry. I was really busy at that time. Common tell me”

Daughter: No Answer.

Lady: “Apan tharval ahe na? kahi hi zaal tari bolan thambvayach nahi. Radaych chidayach, ordaych, pan bolana thambvayach nahi” This translates roughly to “We had decided that we will not stop talking. If it’s necessary argue, fight, quarrel, and shout. But don’t ever stop talking.

Daughter: "But I don’t want to talk to you on this topic."

Lady:  “Alright. Ok let me start preparing for dinner then. Will you like to Rice or Chapati. And common you have to prepare for your poet reciting competition."

Daughter: “I don’t want rice. And, what competition? That’s already done last week. You don’t even remember this much.”

Lady: “Oh is it. Anyway, forget it. Then get started with your homework.”

Lady starts acting busy.

Daughter: “And you don’t even remember that today was result day. That’s why I had called you. I was so excited that I won!! But you snapped at me “

Lady: Finally she has reached bottom of this. “Aah. That’s the reason why my darling is angry then”

Dad: “You are great. I am been trying to get this out of her so long. But she was just not talking with me.”

That’s it. End of story. Point is never ever stop talking to your loved ones. When you feel annoyed, angry, frustrated with other peoples behavior. Its ok. Give them a chance. Talk to them. If you keep talking, you will realize the reason for the way they are behaving, the way they behaved.

I think this is what they call not being Judgmental. Every one has his/her own story.  

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Don’t take it personally??

Have ever heard this?

Nothing personal. Don’t take it personally.

What does this mean really? I am a human being and every emotion is fussed together. There are no separate compartments in brain for professional things, personal thing, house hold things etc.

A thing said to a person, be it about the work, about a decision, about the opinion is of course going to be personal!!!

Had seen the movie "Erin Brockovich"?

Julia Roberts vents out her feelings in one scene after she gets to know that there will be someone else also working on her case! She says how can they do that to her. Her boss says “Hey, it’s a professional decision. Nothing personal!”.

“Not personal?! That is my work, my sweat, my time away from my kids! If that's not personal, I don't know what is!” Something of that sort. Completely agree with her.

I tend to take everything very personally. There is a mail send to a group. And I feel it’s specifically pointing to me. Ok, probably this is rather taking things to personally. May be considering it this way is the other way of saying the world revolves around me which immediately translates to Ego, Arrogance. But my point is why not to take it personally if it drives me to excellence? It’s just that I have not yet learned to take everything in that positive approach. But I am learning! J

That’s the choice you make when someone challenges your ability, directly or indirectly:

1. Ignoring it saying it was not really for you. Nothing personal, you see.

2. Taking it personally and sulking.

3. Taking it personally and making sure you never let anyone say the same thing for you again, including yourself.

4. Taking it personally. But saying that’s the way you are. Take it or leave it.    

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kaal ala hota, pan vel ali navati

Difficult to translate it.

But here goes on of the stories….

One pigeon, was roaming in market. He saw ‘Kaal’ (No parallels here. But let’s say Yumraaj). Kaal smiled while looking at pigeon. Pigeon thought, “Oh god! Why he smiled? I am going to die!!”

So he goes to King of birds the Eagle. The Eagle tells him,” Don’t worry. I will send you far far away, where Kaal won’t be able to find you.”

He sends pigeon with his friends to that far away place. The moment pigeon reaches at that place he dies!

After death, the Pigeon meets Kaal. He asks Kaal, “Why did you smile at me, when you saw me in market?”. Kaal says, “I saw your death. I saw you are going to die just the next day at a far away place. I wondered how you will reach there. There must be some mistake. That made me smile.”

So is death. Who is going to die, where he is going to die, some how it’s just predestined!

Like the Boeing in Hudson. Unka Kaal aagaya tha, par vaqt nahi aaya tha. J

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Bad Haircut

Movie: Legally Blond-II

Nice movie. There was a scene in it by Reese Witherspoon.

Reese is addressing an assembly. Don’t remember what it was exactly. But it was on some what similar lines.

She says, “There was this new high tech parlor that opened up in city. I went there to get a new hair cut. I was intimidated by all the posh stuff and professionalism. They started by shampooing my hair. No no no, that’s a wrong shampoo to use. I told my self. Buy kept mum. I thought they know what they are doing. They did treatment on my hair and started to color it brown. O oh my god. No no brown. Brown looks horrible on me. But again I kept mum. They are the best in business. They know what they are doing. After a while I stood in front of the mirror. And ….And  …. And it was disastrous. I was looking horrible. It was the most pathetic haircut I ever have had. Who do I blame? The parlor? According to them they have given me the best haircut. But for me it was the worst. The whole thing could have been avoided easily, if only I would have more involved in the process. If only I have told them I have not so good experience with the shampoo they are using, I hate brown color on my hair. What happens to you could not be blamed on anyone else if you have not been involved with it completely.”

So, make sure you get involved in the things you are doing. Else you too will end up with a real bad haircut! :)


I was sitting in a car, besides driver seat. The person driving was speeding. How many times have you found yourself completely helpless in such scenario? You can see what’s happening. You tell the person driving, hey watch out next car, watch out signal, go slow. The guy obviously says chill I know what I am doing. He has his leg on break and is aware of the speed, in control.

In same car, person sitting on the back seat are happily looking out of the window or chattering away.

The same car, going on same road, with same speed. But 4 different people perceiving it differently. 

The driver, driving the scenario. In control, confident. 

The person besides driver, completely aware about the whole scenario, but helpless.

One person on back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But enjoying it nevertheless.

Other person on the back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But indifferent.

Same car, same scenario, but 4 different approaches. The approach is however not by choice but by place. Sometimes we just forget that.