Friday, July 10, 2015

Time squeeze

Time expands to fill space like air...

Time and time again have realized one thing. The question is not 'do you have time for a thing?' Its about how badly you want to really do it. 

There have been number of occasions when I have wriggled out of things under the standard pretext of 'I don't have time'.
And then there are things which I so badly  wanted to do, I just started with it -saying let me try if I can squeeze it in the limited time. 
It was gym this time. Body was feeling so       all tired tiry and needed a boost back to healthy self. Going to gym would mean finding one whole hour out from busy schedule regularly at least 4 times a week. Sounded so impossible.
But when I started with it, everything just made space for it and it filled it up nicely! 

Funnily, on the days when I don't go to gym, shouldn't it feel like, 'Wow! one extra hour! What do I do with it?' 

But nah, it just vanishes! Been a bit of mystery :D