Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleaning the attic

My stuff occupies so many various places in the house that finally I decided to make room for other’s stuff, get all my things together basically be little more organized.

My old cupboard. It was like a Pandora box.

I found so many things which are quite useless today. Admission receipts and examination cards, syllabus books, old papers. Which were just there because I never bothered to throw it.

Few college books, reference books, notes, Xeroxes of some one else’s notes :D. This I had kept thinking this will be very useful material when I will enter the corporate world. It will act as quick reference material. I am today not using any of that, almost any of that. The books the notes, I may never refer too. But still it is so hard to give away.

Finally took out few things which will surly of no use. Few I know will be of no use, still I have kept it. (Possibly I will take this out next time I decide to clean the attic :D ) And few I kept because I know it is good stuff. I may never need it. But yaar, you need to keep some evidence u have done hardcore electronics, maths etc. Because forget about others, in later years u may urself not believe it. ( IT field is just to dynamic, some how I don’t end up finding it as a hardcore academic subject. Anyways… ) Just makes me think how much our academic syllabus is in line with the practical knowledge we require.

And apart from all this I found so many entries I made in the diaries. So many things I have kept… the envelopment in which I got my price money for a competition, Cadbury wrapper which I got after winning a bet with a friend, Air ticket for my first air travel, couple of photo albums where college friends made faces looking in camera, letters, greeting cards, Wedding invitations of couple of friends, friendship bands. J Opened up all old memories. Ahhhh those were the days…

And my mom wonders why it takes me so loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg just to reorganize my stuff! 

Doomsday Conspiracy! :D

World is waiting for the Big bang experience. The experiment has started but the collision will be happening around in a month’s time.

Some say it will help reveal lot of questions around the universe creation. This will give great scientific break through and understand other mysteries too.

Some say it will end the world. Others say this is baseless. The experiment will be well controlled and will not cause any disastrous effects on earth’s environment. They must have there research to back it and reasons to believe it.

I am no scientists and don’t know all the logic, But …

Isn’t that undermining nature’s power little too much? There have been so many unpredictable things that have happened. Earth is quite capable of frightening humans. Tsunami, earth quacks, volcanoes, hurricanes and what not. This is an experiment. And it is being performed to unveil mystery. Right? So what will be the out come who knows? It could be anything.

Anyway now that scientists around the world are performing it anyway Let’s hope for the best and All the Best to them!

I may sound like a Devil’s advocate but if would have been making this choice I would have invested all that money into solving problem of present and those that can happen in near future and developments to scale the space, rather than going back to beginning of the world with an experiment which potentially could invite the DoomsDay! 

Dream as if u r going to live forever, act as if u r going to die tomorrow!

Very true saying.

Banglore blasts then Ahmdabad blasts, a college mate’s accidental death and then a suicide of one employee from the company. Huh…

All these people may not have thought 2 days before that they will not be living more than 2 days later. Scary!!

Yes it is! You may never know when will be the last day, when will be the last minute. What scares me most is will I become a ghost because I would have so many wishes unfulfilled? I have to do so many things; I have to visit so many places. Not all but can I start working towards fulfilling some of these?

In the day today routine all these things go to a back seat and remain there day after day.

Now is the time to revive them one by one, coz u never know. May not get a time later in life. Time is like sand, slips by ur hands!