Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kaal ala hota, pan vel ali navati

Difficult to translate it.

But here goes on of the stories….

One pigeon, was roaming in market. He saw ‘Kaal’ (No parallels here. But let’s say Yumraaj). Kaal smiled while looking at pigeon. Pigeon thought, “Oh god! Why he smiled? I am going to die!!”

So he goes to King of birds the Eagle. The Eagle tells him,” Don’t worry. I will send you far far away, where Kaal won’t be able to find you.”

He sends pigeon with his friends to that far away place. The moment pigeon reaches at that place he dies!

After death, the Pigeon meets Kaal. He asks Kaal, “Why did you smile at me, when you saw me in market?”. Kaal says, “I saw your death. I saw you are going to die just the next day at a far away place. I wondered how you will reach there. There must be some mistake. That made me smile.”

So is death. Who is going to die, where he is going to die, some how it’s just predestined!

Like the Boeing in Hudson. Unka Kaal aagaya tha, par vaqt nahi aaya tha. J

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Bad Haircut

Movie: Legally Blond-II

Nice movie. There was a scene in it by Reese Witherspoon.

Reese is addressing an assembly. Don’t remember what it was exactly. But it was on some what similar lines.

She says, “There was this new high tech parlor that opened up in city. I went there to get a new hair cut. I was intimidated by all the posh stuff and professionalism. They started by shampooing my hair. No no no, that’s a wrong shampoo to use. I told my self. Buy kept mum. I thought they know what they are doing. They did treatment on my hair and started to color it brown. O oh my god. No no brown. Brown looks horrible on me. But again I kept mum. They are the best in business. They know what they are doing. After a while I stood in front of the mirror. And ….And  …. And it was disastrous. I was looking horrible. It was the most pathetic haircut I ever have had. Who do I blame? The parlor? According to them they have given me the best haircut. But for me it was the worst. The whole thing could have been avoided easily, if only I would have more involved in the process. If only I have told them I have not so good experience with the shampoo they are using, I hate brown color on my hair. What happens to you could not be blamed on anyone else if you have not been involved with it completely.”

So, make sure you get involved in the things you are doing. Else you too will end up with a real bad haircut! :)


I was sitting in a car, besides driver seat. The person driving was speeding. How many times have you found yourself completely helpless in such scenario? You can see what’s happening. You tell the person driving, hey watch out next car, watch out signal, go slow. The guy obviously says chill I know what I am doing. He has his leg on break and is aware of the speed, in control.

In same car, person sitting on the back seat are happily looking out of the window or chattering away.

The same car, going on same road, with same speed. But 4 different people perceiving it differently. 

The driver, driving the scenario. In control, confident. 

The person besides driver, completely aware about the whole scenario, but helpless.

One person on back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But enjoying it nevertheless.

Other person on the back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But indifferent.

Same car, same scenario, but 4 different approaches. The approach is however not by choice but by place. Sometimes we just forget that.