Sunday, May 24, 2009


Interesting quote in Pune Mirror Today:

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down!!

Human mind is such a complicated and contradictory thing!

You say or do certain thing not because we really want to but because you want to see how people react to what you are saying or doing…

Funny isn’t it?

Some people could not tell the difference. They will take everything on the face value.

Some people will know the bluff and ridicule you.

While some people will call it bluff and let you know about it. Those are the people you get closer to… : ) Know why? Because those are the people who tried to know you beyond the walls you have put around. Those are the people who are hammering on the walls. They are going to break it down no matter how strong the wall is. No matter how long it’s going to take. And because you don’t have to maintain the fa├žade while with them any more, it is not needed any more. You can Just Be. This is going to make you more vulnerable emotionally. But then can you care lesser? 

Reflected light

There are two ways of shining with light.

With your own light or reflecting someone else’s light. No, n this does not make you any less important. Sun and the moon both are important in a different ways; they can not be and should not be compared.

There is a story. There were interviews being taken for very prestigious position. Interviews zeroed on two candidates in the end. Interviewers decided to choose one from these two bright guys by giving them a question to answer. 

When they received the answer to there surprise both of them answered it in a same way! Oh!! How is that?

Interviewers asked both the candidates about this.

One of the candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Wrote”. Interviewers checked. He was correct.

Second candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Read”.

Hm… One person is creator of light other is reflector.

But this does not diminish his value. Simply, because he has the panache to choose. To choose what to read and what to remember and recreate it when required.

Interviewers hired both the candidates in the end after lot of deliberation. Right choice I would say.

The Sun and the Moon.

I like the Sun when it’s Day and the Moon when it’s Night! :D

Height of Compression…

Appraisals are around the corner. And your whole year long work is going to get compressed into one measly alphabet or number!

Hmmm… I know, probably this is the most practical way of doing things around. But all the logical reasoning still doesn’t make me hate the phenomenon any lesser… : ( 

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just the other day there was a song playing on Radio in gym, “Koi ladaki hai jab wo hasati hai…”

One guy says to other: “A re this song is from which movie?”

The other guy says: “A re that movie, that has SRK and Madhuri”

The first guy: “Oh haan Lagaan!”

The second guy: “No no, there is Rani Mukharji also in this movie”

The first guy: “oh ok, Swadeh!”

Me in my mind: “Yeah right!!” : ))

The second guy: “No no. That movie is…. “ Scratches his head…

The third guy: “A re there is Karishma Kapoor in this movie. And the movie is Dil To Pagal Hai”

First and second guy: “Correct!!”

Damn I hate that guy. I was having such a good time. He spoiled my fun!! :D


Well, ok this ignorance was just about a movie. Or this was not even ignorance it was just no recall.


But, just to think of it, does it really matter what do we know? When that knowledge does not make an onus of difference in our own lives?


There is this story of Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Watson is telling him something about earth revolving around sun.

The great detective’s reaction is “well really? I didn’t know that”.

Doctor says, “How can you be ignorant about such a big and important fact”?

Holmes’s reaction is interesting.

He says “Look brain is like a room. It doesn’t have unlimited space. Would you like to cram your room with unwanted furniture? Or would you keep few but the important items in your room, which are useful for your own purpose. Earth revolves around sun or sun revolves around earth, doesn’t make any difference to my profession or my very existence. So I don’t feel it necessary to keep that fact in my brain room”


I don’t categorically decide as to what stays in my brain room. But still, I am very ignorant about facts n figures. To the extent that sometimes I feel almost guilty about it.


But you know, to think of it, does it really matter?

Well, probably it Does Not!