Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being Cynical

Wrote after a long time!
Feeling like coming out of hibernation…

Just to look at number of posts, am been lil more consistent past couple of years, I feel…

Well… am back, that’s important.

Why are u back anyways… who reads the posts!?
Probably few people do… and few more in future J

Suddenly, I am not all that cynical. And not cynical about lots of things.

Being cynical was like been there with me I don’t know how long. I had been cynical about loads of things. And with changed perspective I am looking around I see lot of people with that Cynical look and attitude.

Being cynical, I realized is very easy. It remaining positive and upbeat about people and event is more difficult. Difficult in the beginning at least. But once u get the hang of it, it’s a new realization that this is your basic nature, true nature. Opens up lot many options. Kind of lets u accept a lot of things about events and about ur self.

Whoa… now so far this is been very cryptic!
Ok. So say this in simple terms…
Whenever, I tried out a thing out a thing (which I have already decided, I am 98% not going to like at all, curtsey cynical part of my brain), I have ended up liking it. Ended up throwing out all my cynical thoughts.
Few things which are done out of responsibility and not out of liking have also turned about to be magnificently enjoyable.

Be it as small as Liking Harry Potter series, to a movie which public seem to be apprehensive about, to Taking up interviews in company for new recruitment, mentoring BE students, attending College Alumni meet, Pinging an old friend, Cleaning of cupboard which is been pending for ages…buying someone gift, going with mom for shopping just to keep her company in the horrifyingly crowded road….
Trying to turn things around on project where everything looks too unchangeable… …To art of living follow up, i.e. coming out of cuddly bed in freezy cold that too on Sunday!

I seem to like it ALL at the moment…
Guess it’s not about what u like and what u don’t like. It’s Just about looking at the things! Living the moment, without thinking much further in future and much back in past. Just Live the moment. Whether you like it or not, enjoy the moment to the fullest…

Anewala pal, janewala hai…
Ho sake to es mein, jindagi bitado, pal ye jo jane wala hai….

When it comes to that, suddenly u start seeing u have so many moments… so much of time! It’s not just passing by. U are consciously living it! There are so many options, so many ways… so much to do…
Run… Run… Run… U have lots and lots to do… and One life time is never going to be sufficient enough!!

Well of course, cynism does bounce back once in a while, n that’s welcome too :D

Now, this one has turned out to be very disconnected thoughts and more like a Diary entry than a post. Well… more structured stuff in Future hopefully!
Aaj bas itnahi! J

Vanished Saturday n endless night

Strange it is…
When you have spent the day, in buzz of activities and continuously doing something or the other… end up sleeping so peacefully. All the days events and buzz don’t interrupt in between.
And when it’s been a lazy day, just lazing around and doing nothing, u end up thinking what all you can do, what you should do in night. Driving the sleep long away.
Guess, the simplest reason could be, in a busy day u have been doing something which u always wanted to do. You took a step forward to getting something done. u are taking a shot break to start fresh in morning. N its peaceful sleep.
A lazy day just ends up giving a sense of helplessness. Not done anything what next kinds!
Activities of the day are always like Newton’s third law: Inertia- The resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.
If you start the day with a good zeal, the momentum manages to stay whole day long.
Start a lazy Saturday and the whole day just as good gets vanished from life. Zup…. With a long stretched thoughtful night….