Friday, June 19, 2015

Obsevatory pattern

Well, its just as it says. The classic obsevatory pattern in patterns.
Alright. So have I put it here accidently instead of a technical blog( which is not maintained for past 8 years to be precise)

Nah. Its not that. 

This is something I try, when I want to change something. Could be as simple as take regular breaks and walk around a bit. Don't sit too long continuosly. Healthy advise to self. 

So to get it done, Idon't  command myself to get up after certain time. I just observe. Just being a little conscious. N then I just feel like getting up after sometime.  

See, its kind of like the buddha story. Where Buddha gives advise to the theif, dont try to stop stealing, just try to be completely observant and conscious when you try to steal. Being conscious in the moment, gives you that thrust to do right thing. 

Amazing technique. My problem is, I stop obsering after first two days.Try to re-enforce and then, Start again to stop again. 

A bit fustrating. 

Then I say, may be I don't have enough drive or motivation or pull to do this. Cryptic. 

These are few things I never found a handle on. What's exactly that drives me? What is that one thing? Or is it one thing?  Do u seriously need motivation to be just a little mindful? Do you seriously need a motivation to keep with a stupid small habit of just walking around regularly. 

Just silly. Its just too silly.