Monday, July 14, 2008

2B || !2B , That’s the question!

The most classy question! The great dilemma of all the times! Or rather say that’s the only question in the whole world.

Any decision you take can turn into a +ve and –ve answer. To do or not to do. To say or not to say. To be or not to be.

Sometimes the time is right but you don’t get the opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity is there but you don’t think the time is right. Sometimes right time and right opportunity is there but you have not decided yet what to do! What a dilemma!

Being Arrogant

Few days back read one Article about blogging. It said how arrogant the phenomenon is! You would write something on net, someone will actually care and go read about bits and pieces in your life, and he will actually react to it! You are not a movie star, you are not a celebrity. Even then! Thinking you are so important is height of arrogance.

Made me think!

Well may be, may be not.
I write blog more like I would write my diary. So do I write so that someone will react? Not really. You don’t write diary for that. It is just to vent out your emotions.
Then what makes me publish it? That some one will read, react? If at all someone reads and says, “Hey, you know what, that was dictto with me too”, won’t it make my day too?

Take care

I was not well for almost a week. Was getting high fever. What it could be? Doctor told me to get hospitalized.
He put me on saline. Did all the tests. Finally it turned out to be stomach infection.
Almost two weeks in hospital!
What time it was. Parents were paranoid. I was overall paranoid about hospital, needles, nurses, doctors, X-ray rooms etc. etc etc.
All relatives were coming to meet. Everyone giving advises and examples who have had something similar and the things that worked for him/her. It looked like we were the only one who had never heard anything similar to this.

I had never really taken any special care of myself before. This was like to teach me a lesson. Learn, damn it, at least learn now.
Yes Boss! I learned finally.

In that duration and after that too, priorities in life changed so drastically. Really how many times we do things because we Want to against we Have to?

Bird’s point of view

While traveling to Brussels my plane was at night. What a view I had imagined. I will get to see the city lights getting smaller and smaller. I will feel like going up above in the heavens.

Big disappointment! :(

In the plane I felt practically nothing except that there was lot of noise! No elevation, no going to heavens.
Looking down from windows I can see lights, all right. But when did the guidance lights on runway stopped and when city lights started god knows! As in, I could not see the city getting smaller and smaller. When I realized I am looking at the city it was already small.
Ditto while coming back. The plane was in the morning from Brussels. I thought chalo now I can see the city getting smaller and smaller. But there the cloud cover or fog was so thick hardly could see anything :(

Brussels Trip

Happen to go to Brussels on a business trip. What an experience!
First time I was all alone, on my own. Got to learn a lot of things. In fact it was more like I was sent there specifically to learn lots of things! :))

When I decided finally to take the opportunity and go, had so many comments, suggestions, advises, experience narrations etc. etc. etc. When you have two brothers who have traveled almost ½ of the globe between them I was getting advises on smallest of the things.

To start with, the weight allowed on airlines was 28 kilos as check in luggage. Phew! Only 28 kilos? One bag of 28 kilos or two bags of 28 kilos? :D

Finally, after all preparation and anticipation I got checked in without any issues and reached without any issues. Number of people eliciting from flight to Brussels were 5. Me, one couple and two boys. Rest were taking connecting flight to SF. Brussels Airport is HUGE!! You have to walk and walk and walk to get out. The airport was all empty except we five people. Compared to our Airports it looked so strange. Even if we take out all passengers we still have so many employees left in our Airports. Here there was hardly any.

Out of the airport, I was not sure where to look out for Taxi. So I asked a guy, “Where can I get a Taxi?” He said “No English”. : )) Waw! I mean common thik a, you don’t understand English, but “Where” and “Taxi” could also not be understood?

Got the Taxi. I had to pick up the keys and from couple of apartments from there was my apartment. The taxiwala was not ready to wait till I pick up the keys. Ok yaar, fine.

Finally reached the apartment. And it was beautiful! Fully furnished and with nice view. First day reached office on time and then onwards following the routine was no big deal.

In mean time, once the taxi to take me office never arrived, could not get appropriate fit for my laptops power cord, the boiler in my apartment decided to stop working on Saturday which was start of the long weekend before Christmas ( with temperature reaching -5 C) , Night lamps bulb went out, Tv’s remote stopped working on and on. All this in less than 3 weeks I was there.

Over all the experience on client site was good. I also get to do some sight seeing.
And got to live on my own like in hostel which I always wanted to try out. I was so so home sick. After the whole experience realizing big time how important is my family for me.