Saturday, March 31, 2007

THE Idiot

Being in the city with chronic traffic problem plus living in the heart of city becomes very frustrating not at times but almost daily. All the roads going towards home will have traffic at all the times! So long time to wait before you can stretch over sofa. :(

I observed this for long that by the time I reach home am so irritated that I had started getting edgy with my family members also.
Reality check: “This is no good. I must do something for it.” But what? Of course I can not reduce the traffic. The distances are high I can’t start walking around to my destinations. Correct I can’t do any thing about the situation. I have to change my perception of the situation.

So far so good. But that’s not easy. Where do I start?

Ok I get most irritated due to the unruly traffic. The vehicles suddenly taking turns, bicycles thinking the whole road is simply made for them, rickshaws going slowly checking chance to get passengers, potholes which are randomly or put crisscrossed on road. You never know where and when you are going to go for a trip inside the pothole. And when all this happens; what do you do? A lot of $#@$#@$@@@!$@. Not loudly most of the time. If start saying all this loudly I would probably take whole day in traveling and in quarrels. Mistake is yours or not, it’s human nature not to accept mistakes. Not to stranger at least! “Saying bad names for what seems to be a regular habit to all the guys in town. What does this lady think? She follows all the rules or what?”


So what do I do? Get frustrated each time. Let’s start here…

Will say only “The Idiot”!

This may sound idiotically simple. But believe me it’s NOT!!

Because it’s “THE Idiot”. Ok I can’t hold annual function for this award. It’s gotta be daily! But it gotta be only One! But it’s little tough. Cause you have to give it immediately. Not at the end of day after whole analysis. So you have to increase your patience to find that One person of the Day!

In the beginning I have been very liberal with the award. Many many almost every one who frustrated me even little would get it. But awards are not meant to be given to all yaar! One only one deserves it. Ok some rare times two, but not any more.

So finally I did become “chingu” enough to give my unique award to one person in one day. All the regular incidents no more invoke irritation. “This is regular yaar! What’s so special?”

I also learned to follow more of traffic regulations. I don’t want to gather the “The Idiot” awards given to me by some one else ;)

Now there are even more categories of people added for the same award! The idiot checking out each and every lady passing by, throwing some stupid lines to catch attention of passing by girls, people walking right in middle of road, people crossing from any where, some honking horns unnecessarily scaring the people crossing the roads, some times a colleague with stupidest doubt or some times even myself for a silly silly mistake! :)

This has helped me a lot to cool down and be my earlier cool self.
I am not that irritated when I reach home. :) Thankfully!

Airtel Oops!!

I have written about a incident some time ago. Some thing happened to remind about that again, so just thought of putting it on blog.
So the incident goes like this:

This thing really happened at my office!

We 4 of us seat in a cubicle Me,Radhika, Amruta and Deepak.
Whenever we go for lunch or snacks we make it point that if any one of us is not in cubicle, we give a missed call to a person just to say "Going to Cafeteria, join us there! "

Following the tradition on the day Radhika gave missed call to Deepak.
And to our surprise he gave a missed call back!
We were wondering "What does this mean?"
When he didn't turn up for some time we assumed it was to say "I am going to be late, go ahead!"

When we were going for snacks in afternoon, Deepak was missing again.
So Radhika, gave him a call which was supposedly to be a missed call.
But this guy picked up phone in 1 ring,
Radhika : " Deepak, Snacks ko aa rahe hona?"
(Supposed to be Deepak ): "Wrong number!"

Wow now what was that??
Probably Deepak has overworked himself :)

Just then we saw him talking to a guy near the floor entrance.
Radhika :"Apane wrong number kyon bola??"
Deepak : "Kab?"
Radhika:"Abhi! Meine phone kiya tha naa"
Deepak :" Mujhe koi phone nahi aya!"
Radhika:"Aise kya karate ho aap, ruko mein vapis karati hun"

Radhika dials the number, Deepak's phone does not ring
A guy picks up the phone
Radika:"Hello, Deepak"
(Supposed to be Deepak ): "Wrong number!"
Radhika:"Ye konsa number hai?"
(Supposed to be Deepak ): "Jo apane dial kiya hai"
Hmm………….. smart answer, by a smart %$@#%

We check deepak's cell's received calls, Rads number is not there!

Too good!

We went for snacks debating ye ho kya raha hai.
Me : "A re Deepak ne Radhika ko galat number diya hoga"
(Deepak had recently changed his number , gotten Airtels 999 Life Time Card)
Radhika:"A re usko khud ka number pata nahi hoga kya"
Deepak:" A re wo sahi number hai! Meine dekh ke hi to diya hai!"
( and in any case Deepak's cell keeps on ringing daily in regular intervals, he could not have given right no. to some and wrong to some)

Whatever yaar ! It's just not possible that the number will change out of blue, like this. There has to be a mistake, n the only mistake could be miscommunication of the number.

Radhika won't agree!
Radhika:"A re meine phone kiya hai es number pe, isko pahele! The number is correct"

The debate continues!

Deepak's mobile rings, this time it's his wife's missed call.
Ok, at least now we can ask his wife and find out the correct number!

After coming back to workstation,
Deepak, call's his wife.
Before he could say anything,
Deepak's Wife : "Kitana natak hai, Tere ko missed call mila kya?"
Deepak: "Haan!, par.."
Deepak's Wife :" meine tere number pe phone kiya , to ek adami bola, wrong number aur rakh diya! Phir meine vapis se phone kiya, usko bola ke bhai sahab ye mere husband ka number hai, kuch to panga hua hai, aap mujhe aap ka number batao mein wo try karati hun. So then I got this other number, that's now ur's"

Wow! So the numbers actually got exchanged in middle of the day??
Deepak called Airtel, the Airtel guy says he can't change back the numbers till next 15 days,
(Why is that?? Galati to sudharo yaar! Usmein bhi bureaucracy)
So Deepak said fine then at least keep this number forever, so I won't have to keep communicating my new number to all. Airtel guy said fine (Without taking consent of the other guy, Howz that?)

Questions remain:
Who got billed for what?
N what had inspired someone smart man at Airtel to actually exchange numbers like this??

The moral I take from the story??
Well right there Sherlock when u said
"When you take out whatever is Impossible, Whatever remains how ever improbable, has to be the Truth"
It's just that be careful while defining a thing as Impossible! ;)