Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dismantled Podiums

We had got these beautiful marble statues of Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Shreekrishna. The statues are around 6 inches high and each has a separate marble podium. The podiums are made up of beautifully crafted pieces.

They are with us for quite some time now. And, required cleaning. The work on podium is so delicate and minute just dusting was not enough. So I took all those 4 podiums and immersed them in tub filled with water. After an hour, I checked again, to dry them and put them back.

But whoa!!

They all were dismantled! All those pieces were stuck together with some adhesives and they all were separated out.

After 3-4 hours of hard work I got to put them back together. But unfortunately something was miscalculated and Sita and ShreeKrishna Statues refused to fit back in their own podiums. It was impossible to figure out as to what happened exactly. So we just took out backs of the podiums made more space so the statues can fit in L

So is the life. Sometimes, few things get dismantled when you don’t really intend them to be. You just realize it a tad to later that something is wrong. Most of the time, you can piece it together with some thought and consideration. But careful, little miscalculation and it would remain wrong for the rest of the life! 

Card Fraud

Card money, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to settle. But not everything is so simple.

My Dad received a card from a company. A very reputed company. He has not requested for any call. He dialed call center and asked why they have sent it? They said its promotional offer. No costs attached. If it is not required he can still keep it. It could be used whenever need arises. Well Ok.

A couple of months passed by alright. In the third month we got a bill of 2000 Rs.

For what? The card is never ever have seen light of the day. Still! Dad called call center again. They said to send the request stating the said transaction is not by him. He did so. Next month same story!

He then cut the card in 4 pieces and sent it to the company as said in the instructions manual. :) Even after that lot of follow up was required on that so that bills get cancelled.

The whole episode was just so absolutely unnecessary. My dad who already is wary of using plastic money got completely driven off with it.

Using cards is good. But do make sure you follow few basic rules. Make sure you are aware of all the costs, validate the bills once you get those, never leave card unattended (giving your card to the waiter and letting him carry to and back from the counter is a NO). Remember, we still don’t have any strict rules on card frauds. And even if we have some, it requires lot of following up in anti customer society. So be careful.  

Friday, December 19, 2008


Murabba or I think in marath it's called Maravala. To simplify a khatta mitha pickle.

This basically made up of Kaairi, or kaccha aam. You have to put of lot of sugar and boil it. And the end result is just amazing.


Once, my mom made it with different kind of Kaairi, which was not very khatti. So she needed less sugar. N boss that year no one was ready to eat Muraaba.

Cause it was not just the same with less quantity  khataa and mitha. My mom made sure after that  the kaari she is choosing is khatti to proper amount.


Ditto with life. Right?

Life ka maja nahi ayega if it is less on Khatai or Mithiai. What's say?

Life is a Gamble

Life is a gamble boys

So u know dat ur better

a play ur card rite

If u gona take a chance

Then u know tht u stand up vam time

This is not just a game

So u gona keep on playing

Cos u know wht i m saying

and know u might win this tonite


Tel me u will handle game

kya hoga woh hai teri kismat

Tel me u will handle it

Lekin bazi khelega is waqt

U cud get rich or poor

Baby better really take it slow

or u really know

so here we go hit the show


Agree with this to the T.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On a Musical Note

Around two years back, I went along with Mom to Sawai Gandharav Mohatsav. Just to give her a company. With out my inclinations, what so ever.

That day they had a session of Basari, Flute. It was just WOW!! I don’t know a bit of classical music. Yet, the whole experience was amazing. Heavenly!!

After that each year I just have to be there.

No, I don’t yet sit for all the sessions. But I make it a point to attend at least 2-3 sessions. Each time I end up completely overwhelmed by the hard work and dedication of all the artists. What an amazing gift!!

Point is, yes you could be very cynical about trying Sawai. Reason? “Classical music, not my coup of tea.” It was or rather it still is not my coup of tea. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. Don’t miss this heavenly experience while on earth J