Thursday, December 19, 2013


Just so so so tired and irritated with the daily routine….

Yearning for something different… just anything…

Some TV shows or some movies or just lazing around or just plain sleeping.

N unexpectedly and suddenly that time presents itself to do just about anything that you want…
The opportunity is grabbed!

Yupiee, let me enjoy…you start watching movies, serials back to back, fast forwarded. 1, 2, 3, 4…All finished done whatever you wanted to watch.

Then you sleep sleep sleep. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wake up and you are so fully content. No more yearnings… ( for at least next couple of months ;))

These things add absolutely Nothing to my life… and yet they are just so important. Cause they propel me in the daily grid rejuvenated and with much more vigour.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Choice and Preferences

One simple example…
You want to drive or go from here to Majestic or railway station or airport whatever… Basically you want to go from one place to another…
One of you would take a shortest route…
One of you would take a little longer route which according to you would be traffic free…
One of you would take even longer route which has very few signals…
One of you would not bother about the distance at all, you want to take a route with lot of street lights and people on it. Safer it is in these days you say.
All of you would take different time to reach your destinations..That may also depend on the time of the day.
Which one is the best route? One which made you reach faster?
One of you wanted shorted distance..
One of you no traffic, one of you no signals, one of you safety…
Can time you took to reach cover all Your choices while deciding the best?
Can what is best for you be best for someone else? Nope!
This applies to practically everything in life!!
This had limited major able combinations. Take another example and you can make uncountable number of permutations and combinations…

Ok, now got that, so what is exactly the point?
Point is just that don’t judge people on the difference in choices which you are making and what they are making. They are obviously going to be different than your! Cause they are NOT you! They are not looking at it what you are looking at!

Someone is going to have a lot of buffer in estimating a task cause they are just not sure.. They are afraid of over committing and under delivering… But someone just like to be driving everyone to do a little more…

Someone is going to take recipe from you and do so much of variations to it that its going to be unrecognizable… cause they want to innovative and are experimental…but some would go for Just that authentic taste..

Someone is just going to take whatever you gave to them as a gift lovingly, cause that gift reminds them of you and your love for them…but some may not..they just want that just right T-shirt…

So just let people be. Stop having unnecessary expectations from them. Just be Cool!!
The choices they are making are not because of you. They are because of their own preferences of things…as simple as that!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just for the kicks of it...

Been to Chennai recently.
Took a bus ride to Marina beach which was not far away from place of our place of stay.
Beach was awesome! But that's not the point of discussion here.

On the return trip there were bunch of guys rather boys came running from nowhere. They got on a moving bus easily with quite a bit of grace. Reminded me of Salman Khan~Katherina Kaif movie scene of 'Ek tha Tiger',where both of them stand on a small bar outside the bus just holding on to the window bars.
(The Bus scene from 'Ek Tha Tiger')

Nice. But the story does not end there.
These boys actually started getting down at each place where the bus stopped. Then they will run some distance along the bus and get on again. Apparently, it was a sport for them. Ahh that explained the style, the grace. One of the boys was testing his own limits. If the bus slowed down he would slow down. He would jump in only when the he would know now the speed is beyond him, when he would know he can not keep running at that speed.
Ok, now all this on Chennai busy traffic heavy roads unlike movies. Its risky. And on the other side you end up feeling if only they can utilize the time having training. Common they could be good athletes, do gymnastics. And here they were laughing enjoying without a fear in the world. For them it was just a fun time-pass. Nothing less and nothing more.

I couldn't help but marvel at their carefree enjoyment.

I, most of us, could we have done this without feeling hell lot of a fear for our own lives or going to other extreme and see it as potential to become athlete.
Why it can't just be? Why cant we enjoy the moments? Either we are too busy or too worried or too much in making it big.
I am not trying to justify the boys behavior and not recommending to start running behind the buses either.

Point is just that there are n number of things which gives us happiness. Need to enjoy those. Without worrying too much, without too much of a fear, without thinking too much about its future or gain, just for the kicks of it!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Feeling that you get, just before waking up in the morning...u need to wake up now or else u will miss your regular routine of morning gym in office.... Real.
Realisation after opening your eyes and blinking twice,that you are in Pune now and you no more work here. U r just on vacation for 4days and after that u need to go back...Unreal?
Just closing ur eyes back knowingly to just laze around yet to feel the Real feeling not more than a moment old.

Ur plans to do a lot of stuff, stuff that u always wanted to do, when u can find time...Real.
The fact that ur time is fully occupied doing things necessary...Unreal..?

Getting to buy anything u like with the money u have earned... Real.
Longing to go back to same old FC road n care free life...that's unreal?

Real and unreal fussing.... jumbling...
Not too sure anymore what i want, what i need...
Its not about regrets or about longings..
Its just that dawn time....
Neither the day nor the night fully.
Its just a matter of time....


Monday, March 04, 2013

My First Blog

This one was my First post, added under a different Blog address ... On Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 8.07 AM to be precise.. I doubt the time, am not really a morning person :) But well date at least is correct ;)

I started actually a little later than that with different post and different address too...

Things are different now. I am different now...
2006! Looks like such a looong time back :)

Yet, may be naiveness and looking at ur own words gives rise to funny different feelings... :)
Its also kind of motivating as well to read why I started blogging at the first place, especially when I have not written a single post since Dec 2010. Wake up call :)

Just thought of owning it back , consolidating :) and more to it, Restarting...

My First Blog Post -

I am always been rather skeptical about lot of things.
Blogging is been on of them.Why do people blog?
Why some people want to share what have they done through out the day? And why does anyone else will like to read it anyway?

Well, the questions are still there. Then why am I blogging? To become one among millions of blogs, which are read by only the close friends?
I am blogging just to give an outlet to my thoughts. I don’t know if I will ever give my blog address to my friends or relatives.
My thought will probably be read by some one some where, and at least one of them will say “yeah, that’s so true!”; I guess currently that’s enough for me to start!:)

Probably over the period of time I will get more positive about this whole concept of blogs!This is just going to be a place to put some of the feelings and experiences in a true color. Will try to remain faithful to the motto!

So “All the Best!” to me! :)
On Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 8.07 AM