Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Just made tea and was pouring using strainer in the cups to serve. Was looking at the utensil, strainer, cup and the flow of tea all at once. Even then the flow was still just incorrect. Tea was going little over the cup edges, outside the cup just making one big mess.

Mom was watching me doing this. After few seconds she said, “what are you doing? Just pour it!”
I looked at her puzzled. ‘What do you mean? That’s what I am TRYING to do.’
She repeated, “Na. Just pour it!”.
Yup. I then JUST poured as she said. Was that perfect? May be not. But far better result! I was not looking at every little thing and trying to get it right. I was pouring without hesitation in one steady flow. I was ‘Just doing it’.

That extremely tiny difference in behaviour is the one they call confidence! Where ‘Try’ has no place. It’s not about ‘Trying’, it’s just about ‘Doing’! 
Is that why the tag line goes ‘Just do it’?

I know what you are saying, ‘but well not everything is as simple a task as pouring tea! Right?’. 
True! But to get to a different result, the super tiny shift in behaviour remains just the same!

Being a Duck

Seen a duck peacefully gliding across a  lake? He looks so calm, composed and effortless. Just few small ripples around the water while he glides.

But, if you ever try to see below the water, will be surprised by the frantic leg paddling.

That's really the essence!


There are times when you do something, just because there is simply no other option.
And then there are times when you Decide to do something, despite availability of other options.

Strangely, you still get the strength in either scenario. You pull up your socks because you know there is no leaning on anyone. In other case you ply on knowing that someone can come forward to help, but you really want to do your 100% before you would need it, just cause you Chose things to be this way.

I guess the key to the strength is still your Choice. Choice to see a situation positively, as a way to get best out of you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


You really really want to turn to some specific place. But, you are just not able to. You are trying, trying so hard. You try different ways, apply force. But nothing seems to work.You are really frustrated and start crying.

All this while,unbeknownst to you, someone is looking down at you smiling at all your struggles. That someone moves down, gently moves you or the thing causing obstacle or simply redirects you by distracting - by giving something else to chase, still smiling all the while. Suddenly, you are not frustrated anymore. You look back at the smiling face, the same smile reflecting on your face slowly.

In that tiny fraction of second, realization dawns...
What the hell is that smug smile about when I am been struggling so much.
Guess, the smile is for trying and trying so hard. Each twist and each try teaching you a new thing, making you ready for the next thing coming, new thing to learn. The smile is pride in the tiny little steps of growth.

Yeah, life can really be that simple! :)

Saturday, October 06, 2018


Time has tickled by...
Everything is still just the same...
And yet everything feels so very different....

People are just the same...
It's just the same friendly smile...
Yet, few more wrinkles and the years flown by can not be denied..

It's the same place, 
Just a little more old, 
A little more dusted or completely renovated,
A little more full of people or now completely deserted,
A little more perked up or little more tired,

In observing all this...
While I was living my life away...
Time was passing here too...
Without me in it....

And yet, this strongly reminds me of that time away, 
The fact that I am been growing and growing old...away....