Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai Mayhem

What happened in Mumbai was just unimaginable!

Terrorists not only got inside with lots of weaponry and bombs but they managed to stay there 59 hours!!

The loop holes in intelligence were yet exhibited again!! Amadabad, Delhi, Mumbai… How many more are needed to realize this fact??

Why people are angry to the wits end is the way the whole thing is handled.

No doubt the security agencies did a great and brave job. Kudos to them!!

But, the politicians? They gave out all the wrong, wrong statements.

CM saying “PM says we have done satisfactory job!” Really?

Home minister of state saying Bade bade shaher mein aasi baat ho sakati hai” Dude this dialog suits SRK in a movie yaar. This was such an irresponsible statement.

News paper printing “War Won!” Really? They managed to do their bit. They managed to prove that they can get inside your homes. Your home is not safe!

I am not sure if politicians realize but they could really win people’s heart, if only they will say right things, if only they do right things, if only they think like a common man, if only they emphasis with public. If only they could understand the anger everyone is feeling right now. But, no!! I am yet to hear a statement from politician, listening to which I can say, “Yeah, that is right move, That is the right statement”. The statement, with which everyone can say, “Ya, that’s the way to go about it.” The statement, the initiative which could create rippling effect. Everyone is seeing this as just another opportunity. Mumbai’s spirit is famous. They will move on with life the next day. Who cares? But remember this issue in the next elections. Great!!!

About Pak allegations they say it is knee jerk reaction. May be. What our officials are doing to make it more impact full. Have we had any concrete statement yet? No!! Just saying Pakistan’s Foreign minister that we are concerned about all links with Pakistan are not enough guys!! May be that is politically, diplomatically correct. But this is not right time to do that!!! This is time to be emotionally correct!! And no one from the government is doing that!!

There are been number of debates on news channels. Very interesting views:

When Finance Minister says” India is doing well and has 8% growth rate” Is this really helpful when the whole family of the US multinational’s manager’s whole family could get killed in the Taj Hotel.

When it is said that we need stricter laws against terrorism, it is true. But, do we need stricter law just to prevent a ship filled with weapons, bombs from coming near our coast??

We all need a whole lot of introspection.

Government need to figure out some way to give out their reactions faster and more concretely. They should reassure people. And that needs stronger statements!! Not after 10 day. It needs to be done on the DAY!!

All parties must seat together and figure out a plan acceptable to all. One government gets POTA other takes it back. Won’t work guys!

Juridical systems need to put a self induced deadlines on themselves. Give these trial highest priorities, push all agencies involved and get to a strong verdict in short span. Justice delayed is justice denied. And in such cases when trials go on for such long time, it sends very wrong signals.

Intelligence agencies need to figure out way around the whole lot of loop holes. Need more man power, equipments and collaboration, whatever! Next time no Indian will be able to hear an intelligence failure for an excuse. This was not the 9/11 of America guys. This is well planned, well thought, well rehearsed plan.

Media! I don’t know what to say about them. Vultures! That’s what I call them! They have the power. They could have done, can do a very constructive job here. But no! All they will do is this news is exclusively given by our channel. Asking people stupidest and immature questions like “Do you regret coming to India?” to a foreigner, how they felt while being hostage. Ridiculous. In the tone they talk, repeating the same thing at least 15 times in 10 minutes. Do they think the viewers are kids?

Most importantly, our take away. How many of US are aware about the surroundings. How many of us will make sure they find out if there are any suspicious people or activities going on around them? How many of us will report them? How many of us are curious enough for that? I for the one, am not. I do make a resolve to be more inquisitive from Today.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Being Childish...

I always feel childish of doing something I did 2-3 or more years back.

I laugh at myself thinking how naïve I was.

Not realizing that whatever I am doing today, for that too I will be laughing few years down the line J

It's easy to laugh at something that happened years back. It doesn't matter much now. U don't generally end up thinking "What-If" scenarios.

Somehow this "Laugh back" duration is becoming smaller n smaller now.

I fear the day when I will do something an immediately realize how stupid it was! Coz then the feeling will be of regret. It will be hard to laugh then.

Or worse…

Realizing that what I am gonna do is stupid, and yet doing it!

But to rethink about it, I will be able to call it Guts rather than Stupidity? :D

What's say?  

Striking Back…

Unfortunate incident…

Lt colonel Purohit involvement in bomb blasts!

His ways was wrong, certainly wrong!

As the saying goes, "If you decide to hit an eye for an eye, whole world will be blind!"

Still it's worth trying to understand his perspective on it…

The bomb blasts in India are on rise under the hood of Jihad. He was trying to counter attack that.

Think about it! Why?

Because he doesn't see enough steps taken to do something about it by the government, by the law authorities. So he decides to do it himself!

I don't know his background.

But imagine there are so many people in India who have lost their near and dear ones in blasts. They follow the trial for years together( more than decade!!) n finally hear the punishment given which is minuscule compared to crime they have committed. What they must be feeling? Rage?

When the government is gonna wake up?

When they will seriously think about terrorism keeping aside their politics around vote banks?

When will we have stricter rules? If POTO is not good get something else which is better! Who is stopping you?

When will the courts makes sure they punish terrorists with maximum punishments?

When will we see trials about any terrorist activity getting finished within a year or two?

And when all this is DONE, n still Lt colonel Purohit rises to strike THEN you have a right to say "This is unduly called for!"