Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday was Dad’s Birthday. I took my parents to a well reputed joint in Pune to eat Sizzlers.

We ordered a couple of Sizzlers and mocktails. The drinks arrived shortly. Oh, but one of them had ice. We told the waiter, “Boss, we don’t want it with ice.”

He said this mocktail comes with ice only.

Ok we understand but we don’t want ice. Waiter said we can not change it now, you should have told it while giving the order. And we cannot cancel the order also.

Ok. We told him; take it away as we are not going to drink it anyway. He took it away.


When bill arrived, it was of course, as expected with the drink’s (which we didn’t even touch) amount added in the bill. We paid the whole amount, but found it necessary to make the point.

We told the manager that the ice could be served separately, and if not, if a certain mocktail is served with ice, Waiters can tell the customers before hand that is will be arriving with ice. Especially those customers who are middle aged.

But the manager said, this drink is always served with ice. You should be the one telling waiter before hand if you don’t want ice.

My Dad said, but it’s not the right way.

Manager said, ok, next time you come to our hotel, we will take care.

On that Dad said, I won’t be coming here again.

Manager said, Ok that’s up to you.


Whose mistake was it and how it could have been different, I don’t want to get in that.


This just reminded me of one incident that had occurred more that 3 years back.

I, my brother and sister-in law had gone to Pizza-Hut for dinner. The menu there explicitly mentions all the ingredients for each Pizza. We gave the order and were chattering away. After some time, pizza arrived.

“Oh, which one is this?” My Brother.

Waiter gave some name.

“Are these Mushrooms” Brother.

“Yes” Waiter.

Brother “Oh!!” and frowns.

Waiter “Is there some problem sir?”

Brother “Well, we didn’t realize this would come with mushrooms”

Waiter “Oh, you don’t like Mushrooms”

Brother "Well no. We should have checked it while giving the order”

Waiter “Would you like same Pizza with out Mushrooms sir?”

Brother “well yes, Can you do that?”

Waiter “No problem sir. But give me some time.”

He went away with the pizza. He returned back with a new Pizza now with out Mushrooms.


Wow!! That’s what is called “Hospitability”.

Was it our mistake? Of course it was. And we didn’t even complain. The waiter asked us himself if there is a problem and took care of it so nicely.


No wonder Pizza-Hut is one of the most popular food chain across the world. Keep up the good work guys!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Parallel Universes: Illusion of Choice

Kahin to kahin to hogi wo duniya…

Jahan tu mere sath hai…

What an amazing thought.

That just brings me to a book I had read long back.

Similar concept, put forth more scientifically. The idea of Parallel or multiple Universes.

The idea is each time you come across a situation, where you are choosing between two or more choices, the universe splits into those many versions. In each version, you have selected a different choice. This is you Universe. It is created for you and you only.

For example: A guy is speeding on his bike. He sees a yellow signal. If he will not catch that, he will have to wait 5 more minutes to turn it green. And he is already late. So, very late. Just a fraction of seconds to take a decision. Speed up or speed down?


Universe splits into two versions. One in which he decides to speed up. The other where he slows down. In the version where he speeds up, he meets with accident. And the reason why that Universe was created dies down. The Universe disappears too.

Point is your Universe is going to take shape, based on each and every decision you, take. Each and every choice you make. But the choice you are making in this Universe, is the one that is pre-decided. Because, for the other choices there are different Universes.

It is said that Choice is an illusion. Is this the reason?

Well, doesn’t matter really. Because, I am still making a choice even when it’s just illusion. But it’s great to know that I never have to feel sad for not making a certain choice in my life. Because, I have actually made that choice, just that it is in a different Universe! :D

Don’t Stop Talking, Ever!!

Was watching a Marathi serial.

A lady just loses a very big tender. She is upset. While walking back to her cabin, her phone rings. She picks it up, snaps back say, “I will call you later”. Once she is back in office, gets busy with her work.

Cut to scene 2.

The lady reaches her home. Her 8 year old daughter is reading a book, she is angry. Lady’s husband says, “It’s like this since evening. She is angry and won’t tell me what’s wrong”.

Lady sits besides her daughter.

Lady: “Kai zaal?”

Daughter: No answer.

Lady: “Common, tell me, why you had called in the afternoon?”

Daughter: “Tula kai tyach. Do you really care? You just snapped back at me.”

Lady: “Ok. Sorry. I was really busy at that time. Common tell me”

Daughter: No Answer.

Lady: “Apan tharval ahe na? kahi hi zaal tari bolan thambvayach nahi. Radaych chidayach, ordaych, pan bolana thambvayach nahi” This translates roughly to “We had decided that we will not stop talking. If it’s necessary argue, fight, quarrel, and shout. But don’t ever stop talking.

Daughter: "But I don’t want to talk to you on this topic."

Lady:  “Alright. Ok let me start preparing for dinner then. Will you like to Rice or Chapati. And common you have to prepare for your poet reciting competition."

Daughter: “I don’t want rice. And, what competition? That’s already done last week. You don’t even remember this much.”

Lady: “Oh is it. Anyway, forget it. Then get started with your homework.”

Lady starts acting busy.

Daughter: “And you don’t even remember that today was result day. That’s why I had called you. I was so excited that I won!! But you snapped at me “

Lady: Finally she has reached bottom of this. “Aah. That’s the reason why my darling is angry then”

Dad: “You are great. I am been trying to get this out of her so long. But she was just not talking with me.”

That’s it. End of story. Point is never ever stop talking to your loved ones. When you feel annoyed, angry, frustrated with other peoples behavior. Its ok. Give them a chance. Talk to them. If you keep talking, you will realize the reason for the way they are behaving, the way they behaved.

I think this is what they call not being Judgmental. Every one has his/her own story.  

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Don’t take it personally??

Have ever heard this?

Nothing personal. Don’t take it personally.

What does this mean really? I am a human being and every emotion is fussed together. There are no separate compartments in brain for professional things, personal thing, house hold things etc.

A thing said to a person, be it about the work, about a decision, about the opinion is of course going to be personal!!!

Had seen the movie "Erin Brockovich"?

Julia Roberts vents out her feelings in one scene after she gets to know that there will be someone else also working on her case! She says how can they do that to her. Her boss says “Hey, it’s a professional decision. Nothing personal!”.

“Not personal?! That is my work, my sweat, my time away from my kids! If that's not personal, I don't know what is!” Something of that sort. Completely agree with her.

I tend to take everything very personally. There is a mail send to a group. And I feel it’s specifically pointing to me. Ok, probably this is rather taking things to personally. May be considering it this way is the other way of saying the world revolves around me which immediately translates to Ego, Arrogance. But my point is why not to take it personally if it drives me to excellence? It’s just that I have not yet learned to take everything in that positive approach. But I am learning! J

That’s the choice you make when someone challenges your ability, directly or indirectly:

1. Ignoring it saying it was not really for you. Nothing personal, you see.

2. Taking it personally and sulking.

3. Taking it personally and making sure you never let anyone say the same thing for you again, including yourself.

4. Taking it personally. But saying that’s the way you are. Take it or leave it.