Friday, February 09, 2007

Being in Mummy’s Shoes

It’s not easy to be in any one else’s shoes, especially when you have seen a person doing a job so fine so smooth which doesn’t seem to have required and special efforts at all!
But when you actually take it up that you realize there is a lot of thought process going on continuously years of experience that gives this smooth and effortless effect!

It’s not that I have never entered kitchen. I have helped mom more than couple of times when some guests are coming down or she is making some thing special. I have handled the regular chores when she is been out of station for but a couple of days. But it was different then as I was in college. I used to bunk couple of lectures and used to stay back home doing the chores. Now that I work that option is out. My company has flexible working hours but I do have to finish at least the day’s job, which of course takes time and you have to stay back late if you enter in late. And now she went visiting her mother and is not going to be there more than a whole week!

It so happens that my dad doesn’t like outside food with all the oil and spice and nor do I. Plus it’s not good for him health wise. So we binge on out side food very very very occasionally.

Now when mummy’s not around I have to cook, make sure I am doing it in appropriate proportions so as not to waste a lot of food. If it remains do remember to take it out the next day out of fridge. (This is toughest. I always used to forget it and then when mummy used to get back she would have some amount of fridge cleaning. Now that mummy was not there for more than a week, I do have to remember about all this!) Make sure maids are coming and the cleaning and all is getting done properly. That’s it actually. But how much time it takes out of you! Oh and deciding which vegetables to get and make is like such a difficult tedious yet so illogical question!

Doing it all along with the job gave me a sample experience of working woman’s life. I was so tired and disheartened by the mummy came back! There is no way I can carry on my life like this after my marriage!

But mummy pulled me out of all that with the same easy grace of hers! She took over the next day with the same easy effortless style of hers! And I am again back to “Oh, damn it yaar! It doesn’t look so difficult. Well, you know I am little inexperienced. I will be fine in not time when I will start over!” :))

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