Thursday, May 17, 2007

In the Dad’s world

Got late going home again! Had couple of phones already coming from home! Was in a little hurry. Mind reached already home.
Driving past squares where signals were off with care. Had to stop at Alka’s signal, it was still working.
Got the green light and I started. Didn’t realize there is a rickshaw coming from the left catcing up with the orange light in speed. I was looking at right plus my vision was blocked with a rickshaw moving ahead from the left it was almost impossible to see the zooming rick. Ooof!

Just two seconds bham bhoom!

Thankfully it was not major one. I lost balance was on road in a second. Started bleeding from head. (ok I should wear helmet. I know I know. Have heard this like at least 100 times in last couple of days) and some internal injuries to hands and legs. Police station was right in front. He came took me to the station. His reaction? “Accident zala a s kalale ani ek dum dhas zal. Ghari jayachi vel ani ata he”. Well right from his point of view. He made me tell all info, informed at home, dad came, We went to hospital, had bandage done and all.
So far so good. Reached home one piece with out anything broken up. Thank god!!
Yes it was scary. It could have been worse than it was. But the point is it was NOT!

So who tells that to your parents? First reaction? Just about where I got hurt and all. Absolutely no lectures. Only and only worries of well being. Once that got satisfied… Came second reaction.

Second one? Ok here it goes:

You should buy a car. That will be a lot safer.
Right dad, but getting a car to the place we leave will take hours. Traffic is terrific in pick hours. I will have to spend hours in car. And then hours to find parking space. You should be buying a bunglow outside city” (this generally works. Dad’s never gonna leave this house. It perfectly situated and he or in fact all of us are too attached to it)

That’s ok
ok for you not for me. I am not gonna do that!

"Ok then you go by rickshaw."
I will dad for some days. But it’s not an option forever right?

Ok then you go at 9 in morning and get back exactly at 6. Tell your managers it’s time for you to go home
Dad I work in IT industry. It’s not going to be 9-6. I do come on time usually right? There are deadlines. At times you have to slog.

But go early then
How early? And when the site on which I work on gets up at 12 what do I do till then anyway? My client sends mail after 2-3 .I have to reply to him. Working late rather than working early helps all this. You should say good your client is European and not American. Imagine then!

Ok if that’s the case leave the job
WOW! And then do what? Seat at home?

No you can do some lecturership stuff”.
Great so for that I will not have to travel?

But it will be day time
So you think accident would not have happened if it would have been day? Common dad you are too big to believe that. “Jo hona hai so hona hai” Things are predestined. You can’t stop them. I was going to have one accident that I had. Believe me it was not my fault. But I will be a lot more careful next time because I knew and am now experienced that others need not be careful for you. So you have to be extra extra careful. Believe me I will be lot more careful now.

The final diction was “I am going to come and seat at your office at 7.30
Dad I am an adult now. I have my roles my responsibilities I will have to handle them stop worrying so much. I will be fine! Believe me.
The subject ended there.

Thankfully dad didn’t really came to pick me up ;) It was just part of his overwhelming reactions and worries. Phew..!!
I know he is gonna worry even more now when I am late. Damn I will some how have to take care of this for some days at least ;)

One more reaction from my uncle “u should change your bike!” Thumbs up!! Every accident prone guy should follow this.

All in all after 4 days we are back to normal, wear helmet, be careful, come back on time. :D Just the usals.

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