Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reflected light

There are two ways of shining with light.

With your own light or reflecting someone else’s light. No, n this does not make you any less important. Sun and the moon both are important in a different ways; they can not be and should not be compared.

There is a story. There were interviews being taken for very prestigious position. Interviews zeroed on two candidates in the end. Interviewers decided to choose one from these two bright guys by giving them a question to answer. 

When they received the answer to there surprise both of them answered it in a same way! Oh!! How is that?

Interviewers asked both the candidates about this.

One of the candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Wrote”. Interviewers checked. He was correct.

Second candidate said, “Oh, well this answer comes from a white paper I Read”.

Hm… One person is creator of light other is reflector.

But this does not diminish his value. Simply, because he has the panache to choose. To choose what to read and what to remember and recreate it when required.

Interviewers hired both the candidates in the end after lot of deliberation. Right choice I would say.

The Sun and the Moon.

I like the Sun when it’s Day and the Moon when it’s Night! :D

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