Sunday, October 04, 2009

Anandi Kavala

Happy Crow! J

This is a story I had read in my childhood… It’s not exactly as it was, but in bits and pieces as I remember it…

One Crow is sitting on roof, and singing happily. The King gets irritated with it and orders his subordinates to catch the Crow and throw him in a lake.

After a while he starts hearing the Crow's happy voice again. King sees the Crow is happily having a bath in the lake. King gets angrier and orders to put him in mud.

After a while he hears Crow’s happy voice again. King sees the Crow has made a nice slop in the mud and sliding down it. Singing happily while doing that. King orders him to put him on heap of thorns.

After a while he again starts hearing Crow’s happy voice. Oh, and now the Crow has started making necklace out of that thorns and still singing happily.

Just put him in boiling oil now! And crow starts making Kanda Bhajji there!

The king is beaten. He could not take the happiness out of the crow. Where ever he puts him, whatever he does with him, no matter what the surrounding is, the crow is going to be as happy as he is. Probably even happier, if that’s even possible.

The King lets him go. The crow flies and seats back at his place on the roof, singing happily as ever!

I wish, I could become that Happy Crow someday…Oh, how I wish…


  1. Good one... Will the try for being Happy ever end up in real happiness??

  2. i guess the real happiness is cause of being happy always. If u r happy and content enough, know matter what the situation is, u will always be happy. Loooong way to go:)


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