Sunday, June 13, 2010


Got a new mobile and a new Game…and amazed by it completely.  

Basically a shape is displayed rectangle with different corners cut. There a different shape in each square. The shapes look like planets, galaxies etc. You have to move these shapes around. When the same shapes 3 or more comes in line, they blast off leaving the background of those shapes in Blue color.

When the complete shape is covered in Blue color, you get to go to the next level.

Most interestingly, if you reach a stage where No more permutation is possible, ALL the shapes with Blue background blast off and new shapes appear at that place.
And you get whole new things to start with the game ahead J

So if your game starts stalling. You cannot find any combinations to mark the remaining squares with Blue background, just exhaust the remaining possible combinations and well you will certain to find a whole new beginning!  

Wish it was that simple with life!!    

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  1. If Life was that simple, who would play the games? :)


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