Thursday, March 10, 2016


Whats up?
Nothing much. Just the routine...

It's the same getting up, same dressing up, same cooking, same eating, same office work, same everything...
Everything is done because well you just have to do it. 

And there are days- time for the planned trip, parents long pending visit, just getting that big promotion, n number of different little things that gives that sudden perk up and with that - A big smile on the face!

The same routine is done with a pinch of Zing, 'Chetana', Enthusiasm whatever you call it. Everything is still done because well you have to do it and yet...

It's still the same cooking and same everything, but its over so quickly, grandly and just so much better with a laughter hidden just back of the smile on the face, the tune humming continuosly words splurting out now and then. Its not really in tune, lyrics is incorrect and you have a terrible terrible voice. Oh, do you give a damn? 
Just the same old routine things... Not an iota of difference. And yet! 

It's just the magic secret ingredient! 


Hey There,
Do let me know what you think...