Friday, August 12, 2016

The Game Changer

You often hear the term 'Game Changer' liberally used  in talks, in news. I never really had a handle over it...Until Now :) Some recent incidents gave a fuller meaning to it for me. 

I wanted to carry a tab from my Mom's place. Her reaction was -I have my WhatsApp on it. As long as it keeps working on some other device, you can take it. 😮
No issue to carry the instrument, WhatsApp is the necessity. 

Dad would check WhatsApp daily. 😮
He had never ever bothered with even a mobile phone so far. 

There was a time when I would call saying I have sent a mail, did you check? That will be the time when Mom would login to check... And now I find them at times online on WhatsApp, Replying instantaneously!

The epitome of all this was Grandma asking, if WhatsApp can be installed on her old phone.      

See for us, for our generation email to yahoo messenger, to social platform of Facebook and alike, to need for a smaller more interactive communication group of WhatsApp felt like a very natural progression. 

For our parents generation, they were never too keen to adapt to all this new technology. They adapted few thing like emails grudgingly as necessity. 

But the total switch from this Nay to Yay is done by WhatsApp. Thats a switch from grudging unwilling acceptance to eagerness and willingness. Requirements are simple. One good phone with number and internet. Thats it. But even more than ease of use, unique and quick way of bringing closer who matter the most! Children, grandchildren, siblings - their families. 

Attitude turn around of an entire generation,oh man thats massive! Now, that is really the 'Game Changer' of parents generation. It does not stop there. Once the gates open videos on YouTube, browsing, searching starts becoming common thing. 
Love to see them embracing the changes. Wish I would remain as open minded as they are. 

I know, this post has kind of become like an WhatsApp advt. Though honestly don't think it requires any more marketing. :)


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    1. @midnightunity
      State what you din't understand Sir...

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    1. You need to give me more than that to expect a reply! Don't you think?


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