Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Friday

I just found this a little amusing!

I was really happy while going home on that friday. Nothing great had happened really. But I was happy for I don’t know what reasons.

I do generally take close to 15-20 minutes to reach home from office. But by the time I reach home I am completely irritated with the unruly traffic the bad roads. No matter in what state of mind I leave the office I will be in the worst mood possible after reaching home.

I had thought the same will happen that friday as well.

On that Friday though, I took some thing over an hour for the same journey. It was raining heavily. I was half drenched. The traffic was immovable. Still you have to keep your vehicle running for the fear that poor gaddi might not start again as the start plug might be getting soaked in water. The roads were full of water, so u can not even make out the path holes also and get down right thorough them.
When I reached more than half way close to my place, the traffic became quite light. There was a cow standing right in the middle of the road. I tried to move her off by honking the horn. When I pressed the horn button, the gaddi abruptly stopped. The button start refused to work. But my dear gaddi did start with 2 kicks. I was smiling to myself till I reach home.

I think I should have gotten in the foulest mood ever after whole 1 hour in traffic soaked rain, but instead my happiness had not reduced a slightest bit.

Just so true is that when it is said, Nothing can alter your mood, if you are happy deep down inside. A pure happiness which just came by even without any particular reason just makes u happy from within.

Not yet got the formula to get that pure happiness yet. But looking for the day again when absolutely nothing can affect my good mood! :)

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