Saturday, October 14, 2006

Power of Garabba

There are just so many things to write about currently, but I am just not getting time enough :(

Had gone for Garabaa on Navaratri weekend Night. There is a mandir near my place who holds the event each year.
The dholkiwalas and the ppl singing the garaba are just Too Good!!!!

And the ppl dancing on the tunes matching their steps and clapping , singing garabbas along some times.

The speed of the song keeps going up after some time interval. At some point of time, it becomes impossible for the singers to keep pace with the speed of dholkiwalas. Even some ppl stop dancing cause keeping the steps in order starts becoming difficult and energy level stops dropping.

Even after singers stops dholkiwals keep increasing the speed of song, every few minutes. Then it’s a sheer competition between dholkiwalas and dancers. Dolkilawalas will keep playing till the last dancer will not exhaust and stop dancing.

It’s never happened so far that the dancers still want to dance and dholkiwala’s can not increase the speed any more.

The whole thing is just simply awesome. Dancing there, doing the garabba, or even just watching ppl dance and hearing the dholki, is experience in itself.

All the ppl going to the big events can never get such an experience there. It has to be a simple authentic place to relish the Power of Garabba. You have to experience it to realize it !!

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