Saturday, October 27, 2007

Down the Memory Lane

Tried to get my room a little neater just so that to make my mummy a little happier. Got the old diaries written, so long back, when I was in school, college. Now a days I hardly write diary, should start that again. Its amazing reading it later on :)

Small, small incidents! So innocent and cute :)

Whenever you look back and see, you feel like you could have done few of the things so very differently. You feel like you were so na├»ve then. Over reacted, Not reacted, at some times Wrongly reacted! Perceived few things wrongly, or let’s say not so correctly. Things would have been so very different if I would have reacted differently.

And I am quite sure I will feel exactly the same when I will look at today few years down the line. :D :D

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