Saturday, October 27, 2007

Impossible Relationships

“Impossible Relationships…” Louis Edward (Richard Gere) in Pretty woman.

So true!! isn’t it?

Long back I had gone for a cousin’s wedding at my native place. Lot of places to go there, Uncle’s and Aunt’s. Many cousins. I used to roam around whole town whole day. I was sitting in one of the cousin’s place with one more cousin. Three of us were chattering away. My aunt came out asked her daughter if she will take milk. She said “Of course”. She asked me, I said “Well, sure why not?” My aunt didn’t bother to ask third one. She went in, came out with two glasses. I asked my third cousin why she is not taking it? She said she doesn’t want to and went off. I didn’t think of this incident much about that day. Childhood is so innocent. When I think of it today, I realize how mean it was.
Lots and lots of things happened after that. The meanness came out in more ways than one. Today we hardly share any relation with them despite the relation.

A small gesture, a small incident is enough just enough to tell you about the person, to tell you about the future of the relation. Most of the times you just let it be. Some times you do get emotional. You want to stir it in right direction. Some times it will work. Some times it won’t. Some relations will grow in stronger, some not so no strong. We give a chance to few relations while we tend to cut off few while few just fall apart apparently hardly for any reason.

Why? Well no answer to that really. So what remains for you to do is just do what you feel like doing!

In the end what you get to say is just that, “Impossible Relationships!!”

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