Monday, July 14, 2008

Take care

I was not well for almost a week. Was getting high fever. What it could be? Doctor told me to get hospitalized.
He put me on saline. Did all the tests. Finally it turned out to be stomach infection.
Almost two weeks in hospital!
What time it was. Parents were paranoid. I was overall paranoid about hospital, needles, nurses, doctors, X-ray rooms etc. etc etc.
All relatives were coming to meet. Everyone giving advises and examples who have had something similar and the things that worked for him/her. It looked like we were the only one who had never heard anything similar to this.

I had never really taken any special care of myself before. This was like to teach me a lesson. Learn, damn it, at least learn now.
Yes Boss! I learned finally.

In that duration and after that too, priorities in life changed so drastically. Really how many times we do things because we Want to against we Have to?

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