Friday, November 07, 2008

Striking Back…

Unfortunate incident…

Lt colonel Purohit involvement in bomb blasts!

His ways was wrong, certainly wrong!

As the saying goes, "If you decide to hit an eye for an eye, whole world will be blind!"

Still it's worth trying to understand his perspective on it…

The bomb blasts in India are on rise under the hood of Jihad. He was trying to counter attack that.

Think about it! Why?

Because he doesn't see enough steps taken to do something about it by the government, by the law authorities. So he decides to do it himself!

I don't know his background.

But imagine there are so many people in India who have lost their near and dear ones in blasts. They follow the trial for years together( more than decade!!) n finally hear the punishment given which is minuscule compared to crime they have committed. What they must be feeling? Rage?

When the government is gonna wake up?

When they will seriously think about terrorism keeping aside their politics around vote banks?

When will we have stricter rules? If POTO is not good get something else which is better! Who is stopping you?

When will the courts makes sure they punish terrorists with maximum punishments?

When will we see trials about any terrorist activity getting finished within a year or two?

And when all this is DONE, n still Lt colonel Purohit rises to strike THEN you have a right to say "This is unduly called for!"

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