Friday, November 07, 2008

Being Childish...

I always feel childish of doing something I did 2-3 or more years back.

I laugh at myself thinking how naïve I was.

Not realizing that whatever I am doing today, for that too I will be laughing few years down the line J

It's easy to laugh at something that happened years back. It doesn't matter much now. U don't generally end up thinking "What-If" scenarios.

Somehow this "Laugh back" duration is becoming smaller n smaller now.

I fear the day when I will do something an immediately realize how stupid it was! Coz then the feeling will be of regret. It will be hard to laugh then.

Or worse…

Realizing that what I am gonna do is stupid, and yet doing it!

But to rethink about it, I will be able to call it Guts rather than Stupidity? :D

What's say?  

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