Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kaal ala hota, pan vel ali navati

Difficult to translate it.

But here goes on of the stories….

One pigeon, was roaming in market. He saw ‘Kaal’ (No parallels here. But let’s say Yumraaj). Kaal smiled while looking at pigeon. Pigeon thought, “Oh god! Why he smiled? I am going to die!!”

So he goes to King of birds the Eagle. The Eagle tells him,” Don’t worry. I will send you far far away, where Kaal won’t be able to find you.”

He sends pigeon with his friends to that far away place. The moment pigeon reaches at that place he dies!

After death, the Pigeon meets Kaal. He asks Kaal, “Why did you smile at me, when you saw me in market?”. Kaal says, “I saw your death. I saw you are going to die just the next day at a far away place. I wondered how you will reach there. There must be some mistake. That made me smile.”

So is death. Who is going to die, where he is going to die, some how it’s just predestined!

Like the Boeing in Hudson. Unka Kaal aagaya tha, par vaqt nahi aaya tha. J

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