Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was sitting in a car, besides driver seat. The person driving was speeding. How many times have you found yourself completely helpless in such scenario? You can see what’s happening. You tell the person driving, hey watch out next car, watch out signal, go slow. The guy obviously says chill I know what I am doing. He has his leg on break and is aware of the speed, in control.

In same car, person sitting on the back seat are happily looking out of the window or chattering away.

The same car, going on same road, with same speed. But 4 different people perceiving it differently. 

The driver, driving the scenario. In control, confident. 

The person besides driver, completely aware about the whole scenario, but helpless.

One person on back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But enjoying it nevertheless.

Other person on the back seat, not completely aware about whole scenario. But indifferent.

Same car, same scenario, but 4 different approaches. The approach is however not by choice but by place. Sometimes we just forget that.   

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