Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peeking in the Future

Sometimes when the Book becomes too unbearably suspenseful, I simply turn few next pages and randomly read few statements. Just gives a feel of what’s going to happen next. J

Wish same facility would be available with the LIFE


  1. Ditto... I too get desperate many a times to know!! Can go to any means to turn on the pages of my life!! :) In fact i even wish i could fast forward it...
    But Life is Life cant imitate a book or a movie... :)

  2. Wow. I try not to see the last word of the sentence lest it ruin the suspense. :)

    Your smileys come up as J. Any idea why?

  3. @Lalita:
    Yeah fortunately or unfortunatly, neither can we turn pages nor can we finish it of in 3 hours. :)

    But well "Life is good" :)

    My smilies are smilies probrably because as i copied them from MS Word...:)


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