Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out of Context

How important is the context?

A small incident that I had read somewhere…
One guy, asks the receptionist of the Hotel, as to how far is the Airport.

Courteously, the receptionist asks, “We have a bus going to Airport, in the evening, Sir…. It will start at xyz time …. Since, there are no flights before that, Sir”. In between, the guy tried to ask her, as to how Long Will It Take him To Reach the Airport?

The guy standing by answers “it’s about 80 kms, if u got a car, would not take u longer than a couple of hours.” The guy said “Thank You.”. He rushed out, and reached the Airport, for whatever work he had.

All that he needed is, how much time he will take to reach and wanted to confirm if he can reach on time for whatever work he had. As simple as that.
But the over courteous Receptionist, who is been grilled into being at most help to the customer, completely irritated this guy. Since, she was answering out of context. She was not answering His Questions, she was twisting His Question and according to the Answer she had to Offer!

How many times do u find ur self doing something similar? You have few things on the mind to be told to someone. And, you make sure it reaches to that person when the conversation stars, Out of Context! J
Check, Check… Check… U may be irritating the other person, even if the guy just may be being just nice not to show it.

What exactly made me think of this?
Assume that, you have a major deadline coming in next 2 days. Client calls in to make sure everything is in order and while taking status he starts telling you how u should built in a safety feature. Asking how a certain thing is coded. Dude, even if u got a brilliant idea, can it be implemented NOW!? Two days before the deadline? We will talk about it when it makes more sense! Wont u feel that? I felt something similar J
Well… just been so Out Of Context! 

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  1. Came here from , Lalitha's blog.

    Interesting. I hadn't thought about answering out of context before.


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