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One interesting scene in Harry Potter: Prisoner or Azkaban.

I am a complete fan of this series. I actually read the third one first. i.e. the Prisoner of Azkaban. That too just to check what is all hype about Harry Potter thing. And then after this book ended up, started reading all earlier parts voraciously. And kept waiting for newer ones, picked it up in first week of release and finished it in next. Amazing imagination!! Hat’s of to J K Rowling.

Well that was a tad out of the topic. Back to the topic, Miracle!

In this book Prisoner of Azkaban there is one scene. I am not sure how to explain this complicated scene to non Harry guys. Let me try.

There Harry and his uncle are in a very big danger near a lake. The Dementors (let’s just say villains) would kill them in a minute. Someone from the other shore of the lake creates some magical animal and they get saved. And Harry gets to see a glimpse of his savoir. He is looking like Harry. Harry thinks that savior was his Father. His father, who is dead. Harry thinks somehow he has came back to save him.

And just before that magical animal was cast, on the other shore of the lake Harry is waiting. (Yes that’s correct, Harry is waiting. He has a time turner, so he has turned the time after the lake incident, and has came back on other side of the shore and now at two places! J I tell you if you like imagination you should read this series) He is waiting, with batted breath. He is going to see is father. Anytime now… Now… any time now! He is waiting, no one comes.
In some small fraction of second, he just comes out from behind the tree he was hiding, and casts the spell erupting a magical animal.
In that fraction of the second he has realized that, when he was waiting someone to save him, when he thought he saw image of his father, it was HE HIMSELF!

Miraculous isn’t it!

Ha, I know this can not happen in real world. Oops I mean with us Muggles (Non magical people) :D

But the point is things would start falling in place when we will come to that point of realization like Harry, That ONLY You could save yourself and not anyone else.

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