Thursday, June 20, 2013


Feeling that you get, just before waking up in the morning...u need to wake up now or else u will miss your regular routine of morning gym in office.... Real.
Realisation after opening your eyes and blinking twice,that you are in Pune now and you no more work here. U r just on vacation for 4days and after that u need to go back...Unreal?
Just closing ur eyes back knowingly to just laze around yet to feel the Real feeling not more than a moment old.

Ur plans to do a lot of stuff, stuff that u always wanted to do, when u can find time...Real.
The fact that ur time is fully occupied doing things necessary...Unreal..?

Getting to buy anything u like with the money u have earned... Real.
Longing to go back to same old FC road n care free life...that's unreal?

Real and unreal fussing.... jumbling...
Not too sure anymore what i want, what i need...
Its not about regrets or about longings..
Its just that dawn time....
Neither the day nor the night fully.
Its just a matter of time....


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