Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just for the kicks of it...

Been to Chennai recently.
Took a bus ride to Marina beach which was not far away from place of our place of stay.
Beach was awesome! But that's not the point of discussion here.

On the return trip there were bunch of guys rather boys came running from nowhere. They got on a moving bus easily with quite a bit of grace. Reminded me of Salman Khan~Katherina Kaif movie scene of 'Ek tha Tiger',where both of them stand on a small bar outside the bus just holding on to the window bars.
(The Bus scene from 'Ek Tha Tiger')

Nice. But the story does not end there.
These boys actually started getting down at each place where the bus stopped. Then they will run some distance along the bus and get on again. Apparently, it was a sport for them. Ahh that explained the style, the grace. One of the boys was testing his own limits. If the bus slowed down he would slow down. He would jump in only when the he would know now the speed is beyond him, when he would know he can not keep running at that speed.
Ok, now all this on Chennai busy traffic heavy roads unlike movies. Its risky. And on the other side you end up feeling if only they can utilize the time having training. Common they could be good athletes, do gymnastics. And here they were laughing enjoying without a fear in the world. For them it was just a fun time-pass. Nothing less and nothing more.

I couldn't help but marvel at their carefree enjoyment.

I, most of us, could we have done this without feeling hell lot of a fear for our own lives or going to other extreme and see it as potential to become athlete.
Why it can't just be? Why cant we enjoy the moments? Either we are too busy or too worried or too much in making it big.
I am not trying to justify the boys behavior and not recommending to start running behind the buses either.

Point is just that there are n number of things which gives us happiness. Need to enjoy those. Without worrying too much, without too much of a fear, without thinking too much about its future or gain, just for the kicks of it!

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