Sunday, September 28, 2014


Patience is a virtue of a surfer.

Wait wait and wait till that ride and then just ride on it :-)

At the expense of sounding cliche... am too waiting for a thought wave to ride on it;)
Its been a while a felt that weightlessness and grace and contentment...

But u know what, the surfers go with their surfboard to the right beach and right time. I wonder if i have that.

Either i am stupid enough not to chose carefully on it or just naive to let past waves which a skilled surfer would ride with bounty.

Guess i just think too much.... Should simply be just about enjoying the moment as is ... :)


  1. Or maybe its just to teach you to create your own perfect wave ;)

  2. Prameela,
    I am totally in a mood and situation currently where I say with full faith ‘whatever happens, happens for a reason!’.
    So yup, would definitely be for a reason, I just know it yet ;)


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