Friday, March 20, 2015

Slow Motion Days

Has it ever happened to you?

Too many things happening at one time. Rushed days. Deadlines. Sleeping late in night and getting up early. 
Thoda thoda bhag bhag sa...

Deadline is done. All went well. Good job! Phew.  
You come home. Bit relaxed. Resolve to catch up on sleep and sleep early. 
There is this one bit of personal work you been holding off for so loong. Cause you were so super busy with deadline. You tell yourself, "you are in the momentum of getting early these days. You are sleeping early today. Why dont you get up early just one day tomorrow and finish off that task". Sounds good, Logically ;)

As resolved you sleep early. But, you keep tossing up and turning around on bed. You would have thought it will be instantaneous aha sleep. But nope your mind is still jogging. Not thinking anything specific now. But just jogging, keeping you wide awake. 

Finally, you fall asleep. Peacefully! After many days. 
Early morning, alarm rings. Snooz snooz snooz snooz.
'Oh, forget about that task yaar. Will do it later. I procrastinated so long it can wait another day. Let me just sleeeeep.'

You get up at very last minute, when its necessary to get up and start getting ready. Slooooowwllyy. 

You can feel yourself doing everything in sssslllooww motion. Everything taking more time than usual. You drag your feet. And reach office. After a sluggish hour or two. You are back in grind and back to normal speed. By evening you are normal :)

Thats the mind fatigue, i guess. 
Its like a warrior. With deadlines, days run together. Its like One big day. While sleeping, eating you are constantly alert. Awake. Thinking.  
When you keep weapons down the mind is still jittered. Still in the warrior moment. 
When it sleeps, it has accepted the battle is over. That exhaustion gets in form of slow motion the next day. 

I sort of cherrish such days. Its a sign of battle and battle won successfully. 
Don't know if it makes any loggical sense. 

If i get that pride out of my ordinary life and really minimal efforts,  its unimaginable what a solider, sportsman or any person  who takes on tones of hardwork to meet their goals would be feeling. 

Hopefully, in an effort to create more slow   motion days puts me to do more goal oriented work! 


  1. Very nice!! U shud take up writing more seriously:)

  2. Well wriiten ��


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