Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleaning the attic

My stuff occupies so many various places in the house that finally I decided to make room for other’s stuff, get all my things together basically be little more organized.

My old cupboard. It was like a Pandora box.

I found so many things which are quite useless today. Admission receipts and examination cards, syllabus books, old papers. Which were just there because I never bothered to throw it.

Few college books, reference books, notes, Xeroxes of some one else’s notes :D. This I had kept thinking this will be very useful material when I will enter the corporate world. It will act as quick reference material. I am today not using any of that, almost any of that. The books the notes, I may never refer too. But still it is so hard to give away.

Finally took out few things which will surly of no use. Few I know will be of no use, still I have kept it. (Possibly I will take this out next time I decide to clean the attic :D ) And few I kept because I know it is good stuff. I may never need it. But yaar, you need to keep some evidence u have done hardcore electronics, maths etc. Because forget about others, in later years u may urself not believe it. ( IT field is just to dynamic, some how I don’t end up finding it as a hardcore academic subject. Anyways… ) Just makes me think how much our academic syllabus is in line with the practical knowledge we require.

And apart from all this I found so many entries I made in the diaries. So many things I have kept… the envelopment in which I got my price money for a competition, Cadbury wrapper which I got after winning a bet with a friend, Air ticket for my first air travel, couple of photo albums where college friends made faces looking in camera, letters, greeting cards, Wedding invitations of couple of friends, friendship bands. J Opened up all old memories. Ahhhh those were the days…

And my mom wonders why it takes me so loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg just to reorganize my stuff! 

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