Friday, September 12, 2008

Doomsday Conspiracy! :D

World is waiting for the Big bang experience. The experiment has started but the collision will be happening around in a month’s time.

Some say it will help reveal lot of questions around the universe creation. This will give great scientific break through and understand other mysteries too.

Some say it will end the world. Others say this is baseless. The experiment will be well controlled and will not cause any disastrous effects on earth’s environment. They must have there research to back it and reasons to believe it.

I am no scientists and don’t know all the logic, But …

Isn’t that undermining nature’s power little too much? There have been so many unpredictable things that have happened. Earth is quite capable of frightening humans. Tsunami, earth quacks, volcanoes, hurricanes and what not. This is an experiment. And it is being performed to unveil mystery. Right? So what will be the out come who knows? It could be anything.

Anyway now that scientists around the world are performing it anyway Let’s hope for the best and All the Best to them!

I may sound like a Devil’s advocate but if would have been making this choice I would have invested all that money into solving problem of present and those that can happen in near future and developments to scale the space, rather than going back to beginning of the world with an experiment which potentially could invite the DoomsDay! 

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