Friday, September 12, 2008

Dream as if u r going to live forever, act as if u r going to die tomorrow!

Very true saying.

Banglore blasts then Ahmdabad blasts, a college mate’s accidental death and then a suicide of one employee from the company. Huh…

All these people may not have thought 2 days before that they will not be living more than 2 days later. Scary!!

Yes it is! You may never know when will be the last day, when will be the last minute. What scares me most is will I become a ghost because I would have so many wishes unfulfilled? I have to do so many things; I have to visit so many places. Not all but can I start working towards fulfilling some of these?

In the day today routine all these things go to a back seat and remain there day after day.

Now is the time to revive them one by one, coz u never know. May not get a time later in life. Time is like sand, slips by ur hands!

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