Saturday, October 04, 2008

Language Divide

Few days back there was this Jaya Bacchan Vs Raj Thakare episode.

Good example of "Making mountain out of mole" :D

Almost everyone sympathized with Bacchans. Rightly so.    

 However, for Raj Thakare who seems to be strong believer of "Any publicity is good publicity" it was one more opportunity. The point he is raising however is not completely baseless. Taking that point of view…

 Raj Thakare's concern for migrating non Maharatrians in the state is not without reason. Increasing un-employment for the local people and reduction in cost of labor is cause of worry for US, Europe and all the so called developed countries too. No. of H1 visas are restricted, migrations rules are stringent and Embassy officials are whimsical. So if they get paranoid then why not Maharashtra. Politicians need to acknowledge this and say "Yes, there is a problem" and try to seek solutions instead of playing politics around the issue including Thakare!

Problem is not so much with migrating Middle class or upper class families. When they migrate they build a house, pay taxes and become part of that state. Others will stay in shabby places spend as less as possible here and send all money they earn back home. No taxes and problem of unemployment for locals + reduction in cost of labor again creating problem for locals who have to sustain in the high cost of living here and also look after their families. Non tax payers put more pressure on the infrastructure which not already in very great state.

It's very unfortunate that different states in same nation would face such a problem. It needs to be discussed why people are migrating, create employment in own states and in mean time have some rules in place to protect the local interests.  


  1. It's a problem which is supposed to be created for providing solutions to others. If you don't get migrant workers, your economy (of state or country) cannot be put on fast track. For example when you want to build a house, you can't make it unless you use other's specialties.

    So, when to create employment opportunities, an industry is setup, the same problem causing lower class migrant workers, working away from their families to earn a living, are needed to provide the hand & expertise to the job quickly & efficiently. Because there are not enough resources available locally. We all saw that a little while ago when the real estate sector was hit badly, reason... lack of skilled workers in state.

    I believe rather than creating a language divide, there is need to unite & organize these people. So, that together they can contribute to the growth of the state, themselves and in turn the country.

  2. :) True. But the economy should not be put on fast track on the expense of local people.
    I would not say Maharshtra do not have enough works on Building site. But the deal is people migrating from North india work in much lesser labour costs. Hence diplacing their employement. People living here can not cut down their costs as they have to sustain in cost of living here.
    Honestly this is perpetual problem. No win win solutions here.

  3. It's called competition.. always benefits some at cost of some other.. but if we don't allow competition we can't have level playing field & open markets. It's same like the issue of Retails chains.. It will benefit common people.. but will present many local mom & pop stores with stiff challenge.. Some will survive by applying innovative approaches & others will loose out. That's how it always works...

    However if the labor's are organized using labor unions then coupled with reformed labor laws we can try to set acceptable wages & conditions for everyone.. That might be the right thing to do... But ppl won't do that, instead they will just blow things out of proportions.. just like our News media :)

  4. Indeed that's true. Competition is good and it's going to help to better the quality. And yes its free nation anyone can stay anywhere.
    But the problems created due to this must be handled. By prevention and by cure.
    When you look at pan walas, taxi drivers, building workers, porters, does the talent and competition really come into picture.
    Why these people migrate?
    One reason un-employment in their region and other is in search of better wages. If employment is provided in their own states people migrating due to first reason will reduce. Second reason is a lot difficult to handle. But there could be ways. This is prevention.

    We need to have good people doing estimates as to final population of each state along with migrants each year and trying to provide Infrastructure and facilities. This is cure. This is lacking in a big way.

    Unfortunate that our politicians just like to create vote banks using this issue.


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