Monday, October 27, 2008


This one was really silly, honestly!


One of my friends in office called me on my cell, said she was trying my office extension but someone else picked up. I told her that's not possible because all the time I was at my desk.

I tried to call my office number from my cell, and yess! Someone else picked up!

I then tried calling my cell from office extension and it showed some entirely different number! For office extensions your first 4 digits don't change only the last four. But this new number was completely new! If the first number got changed or even being going to change I am sure we would have been informed in advance!

I thought of calling some concerned person after I return from a meeting.

After coming back from a meeting I decided to reconfirm the story and called from Office extension on cell. Well this time the number was right!


The whole scenario similar to "Airtel Ooops" I had posted earlier. Wireless to wireless, landlines bhi?


So, aisa bhi hota hai!

Next time someone tells u, I had called u but no one picked, or someone else picked, don't be surprised!

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