Saturday, December 27, 2008

Card Fraud

Card money, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to settle. But not everything is so simple.

My Dad received a card from a company. A very reputed company. He has not requested for any call. He dialed call center and asked why they have sent it? They said its promotional offer. No costs attached. If it is not required he can still keep it. It could be used whenever need arises. Well Ok.

A couple of months passed by alright. In the third month we got a bill of 2000 Rs.

For what? The card is never ever have seen light of the day. Still! Dad called call center again. They said to send the request stating the said transaction is not by him. He did so. Next month same story!

He then cut the card in 4 pieces and sent it to the company as said in the instructions manual. :) Even after that lot of follow up was required on that so that bills get cancelled.

The whole episode was just so absolutely unnecessary. My dad who already is wary of using plastic money got completely driven off with it.

Using cards is good. But do make sure you follow few basic rules. Make sure you are aware of all the costs, validate the bills once you get those, never leave card unattended (giving your card to the waiter and letting him carry to and back from the counter is a NO). Remember, we still don’t have any strict rules on card frauds. And even if we have some, it requires lot of following up in anti customer society. So be careful.  

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