Sunday, December 14, 2008

On a Musical Note

Around two years back, I went along with Mom to Sawai Gandharav Mohatsav. Just to give her a company. With out my inclinations, what so ever.

That day they had a session of Basari, Flute. It was just WOW!! I don’t know a bit of classical music. Yet, the whole experience was amazing. Heavenly!!

After that each year I just have to be there.

No, I don’t yet sit for all the sessions. But I make it a point to attend at least 2-3 sessions. Each time I end up completely overwhelmed by the hard work and dedication of all the artists. What an amazing gift!!

Point is, yes you could be very cynical about trying Sawai. Reason? “Classical music, not my coup of tea.” It was or rather it still is not my coup of tea. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. Don’t miss this heavenly experience while on earth J

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