Friday, March 13, 2009

Don’t Stop Talking, Ever!!

Was watching a Marathi serial.

A lady just loses a very big tender. She is upset. While walking back to her cabin, her phone rings. She picks it up, snaps back say, “I will call you later”. Once she is back in office, gets busy with her work.

Cut to scene 2.

The lady reaches her home. Her 8 year old daughter is reading a book, she is angry. Lady’s husband says, “It’s like this since evening. She is angry and won’t tell me what’s wrong”.

Lady sits besides her daughter.

Lady: “Kai zaal?”

Daughter: No answer.

Lady: “Common, tell me, why you had called in the afternoon?”

Daughter: “Tula kai tyach. Do you really care? You just snapped back at me.”

Lady: “Ok. Sorry. I was really busy at that time. Common tell me”

Daughter: No Answer.

Lady: “Apan tharval ahe na? kahi hi zaal tari bolan thambvayach nahi. Radaych chidayach, ordaych, pan bolana thambvayach nahi” This translates roughly to “We had decided that we will not stop talking. If it’s necessary argue, fight, quarrel, and shout. But don’t ever stop talking.

Daughter: "But I don’t want to talk to you on this topic."

Lady:  “Alright. Ok let me start preparing for dinner then. Will you like to Rice or Chapati. And common you have to prepare for your poet reciting competition."

Daughter: “I don’t want rice. And, what competition? That’s already done last week. You don’t even remember this much.”

Lady: “Oh is it. Anyway, forget it. Then get started with your homework.”

Lady starts acting busy.

Daughter: “And you don’t even remember that today was result day. That’s why I had called you. I was so excited that I won!! But you snapped at me “

Lady: Finally she has reached bottom of this. “Aah. That’s the reason why my darling is angry then”

Dad: “You are great. I am been trying to get this out of her so long. But she was just not talking with me.”

That’s it. End of story. Point is never ever stop talking to your loved ones. When you feel annoyed, angry, frustrated with other peoples behavior. Its ok. Give them a chance. Talk to them. If you keep talking, you will realize the reason for the way they are behaving, the way they behaved.

I think this is what they call not being Judgmental. Every one has his/her own story.  

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