Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday was Dad’s Birthday. I took my parents to a well reputed joint in Pune to eat Sizzlers.

We ordered a couple of Sizzlers and mocktails. The drinks arrived shortly. Oh, but one of them had ice. We told the waiter, “Boss, we don’t want it with ice.”

He said this mocktail comes with ice only.

Ok we understand but we don’t want ice. Waiter said we can not change it now, you should have told it while giving the order. And we cannot cancel the order also.

Ok. We told him; take it away as we are not going to drink it anyway. He took it away.


When bill arrived, it was of course, as expected with the drink’s (which we didn’t even touch) amount added in the bill. We paid the whole amount, but found it necessary to make the point.

We told the manager that the ice could be served separately, and if not, if a certain mocktail is served with ice, Waiters can tell the customers before hand that is will be arriving with ice. Especially those customers who are middle aged.

But the manager said, this drink is always served with ice. You should be the one telling waiter before hand if you don’t want ice.

My Dad said, but it’s not the right way.

Manager said, ok, next time you come to our hotel, we will take care.

On that Dad said, I won’t be coming here again.

Manager said, Ok that’s up to you.


Whose mistake was it and how it could have been different, I don’t want to get in that.


This just reminded me of one incident that had occurred more that 3 years back.

I, my brother and sister-in law had gone to Pizza-Hut for dinner. The menu there explicitly mentions all the ingredients for each Pizza. We gave the order and were chattering away. After some time, pizza arrived.

“Oh, which one is this?” My Brother.

Waiter gave some name.

“Are these Mushrooms” Brother.

“Yes” Waiter.

Brother “Oh!!” and frowns.

Waiter “Is there some problem sir?”

Brother “Well, we didn’t realize this would come with mushrooms”

Waiter “Oh, you don’t like Mushrooms”

Brother "Well no. We should have checked it while giving the order”

Waiter “Would you like same Pizza with out Mushrooms sir?”

Brother “well yes, Can you do that?”

Waiter “No problem sir. But give me some time.”

He went away with the pizza. He returned back with a new Pizza now with out Mushrooms.


Wow!! That’s what is called “Hospitability”.

Was it our mistake? Of course it was. And we didn’t even complain. The waiter asked us himself if there is a problem and took care of it so nicely.


No wonder Pizza-Hut is one of the most popular food chain across the world. Keep up the good work guys!!

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  1. Not sure you have seen the movie "Roadtrip". Whenever there is any incident related to service (in a restaurant ofcourse) where we need some changes to the order/item getting served, I use to remember a similar scene from the movie and then I deal with the order/itme as it is or just give up. :(

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