Friday, March 13, 2009

Parallel Universes: Illusion of Choice

Kahin to kahin to hogi wo duniya…

Jahan tu mere sath hai…

What an amazing thought.

That just brings me to a book I had read long back.

Similar concept, put forth more scientifically. The idea of Parallel or multiple Universes.

The idea is each time you come across a situation, where you are choosing between two or more choices, the universe splits into those many versions. In each version, you have selected a different choice. This is you Universe. It is created for you and you only.

For example: A guy is speeding on his bike. He sees a yellow signal. If he will not catch that, he will have to wait 5 more minutes to turn it green. And he is already late. So, very late. Just a fraction of seconds to take a decision. Speed up or speed down?


Universe splits into two versions. One in which he decides to speed up. The other where he slows down. In the version where he speeds up, he meets with accident. And the reason why that Universe was created dies down. The Universe disappears too.

Point is your Universe is going to take shape, based on each and every decision you, take. Each and every choice you make. But the choice you are making in this Universe, is the one that is pre-decided. Because, for the other choices there are different Universes.

It is said that Choice is an illusion. Is this the reason?

Well, doesn’t matter really. Because, I am still making a choice even when it’s just illusion. But it’s great to know that I never have to feel sad for not making a certain choice in my life. Because, I have actually made that choice, just that it is in a different Universe! :D

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  1. A very cool thought, Parallel universes. u r right, no one whould be sad for not making most desired choice. :)


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